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Desktop Confessional

I live in an entertainment wasteland.

Monday, January 22, 2007
10:19 AM

The "authorities" is meeting its yearly quota of anal-ness as it has denied Russell Peters to perform in Kuala Lumpur. Congrats, powers that be. In all your efforts to promote Malaysia as a worthy tourist destination, you've driven music and comedy fans across the Causeway again in search for quality entertainment. Singapore is laughing back at you, long and hard. Such BS, can you please just have a sense of humour about things?

From www.russellpeters.com:


Sorry to say, but the show in KL will not proceed. Today - Sat.Jan.20.07. - we received confirmation that we did not get approval from the 'authorities'. Sorry KL but we tried.

Despite our best efforts to put on a show here, we were rebuffed.

We will be back in Singapore at some point this year, so we hope that the thousands of Malaysian fans will make their way down for that show.

Jumpa lagi, Inshallah.


RUSSELLPETERS.COM | posted on January 21, 2007


Friday, January 19, 2007
1:45 PM

I felt skinny today, so I polished the entire 2-piece chicken snack plate from KFC. MMM hot and spicy. MMMM bun. MMM mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Now I feel more like myself, ie, chubby. Blah who cares when its Friday.

Opinions Wanted!

Sunday, January 07, 2007
8:16 PM

Hello lovelies,

Its February next month, and the magazine (I freelance) is doing the pre-requisite Vday article, hehe! I'm going around collecting ideas but need help!!

I'm interested in exploring some options that singletons have for celebrating Vday in KL ... so if you have any ideas/opinions/suggestions as to what would be great fun for a single to do, pls let me know! It could be anything ... outings, or certain events planned for singles only, or restaurants that have singles special ...

Alternatively, there's always the angle based on couples if the single-valentine's doesn't work out. Would love hearing any ideas you guys may have for spending Vday creatively with your loved ones.

Thanks! You have no idea how much I appreciate comments. :D

PS - anyone going for Muse's concert? I got my ticket already!

Feb 07

Monday, January 01, 2007
11:19 PM

I haven't even gotten a first paycheck yet, but already know where to splurge. Its all happening in February, people!

Muse in concert, and Russell Peters on stage!
Believe you me ... I am so bloody excited, I can't wait for January to end!

Happy New Year! To more fun and laughter!