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Desktop Confessional

She's in fashion (part deux)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Today I saw a girl wearing leggings with .... a Punjabi suit top. -_-

I know fashion is going through an 80's revival, but PLEASE lah!

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    Tell me a lie, the truth is so.. well plaid. Hypothetical distractions, starhill is looking magical this season - wear something tantalizingly short, breezey. I'll be the one with the whimsical smile a memory to carry me through when I am old.. thank goodness for laundry day. Sometimes we stumble across an obsession, definitely a good argument for reincarnation. The fork in the road is only an illusion, a passing fancy that has all ready passed.

  1. Blogger ButterRoll_sama said:

    how come 1U is so full of hot chicks?

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