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Friday, December 15, 2006

You might have seen this ad on tv or in the cinema, waiting for your movie to start. Its hands down, my favourite tv commercial of the year:

If you love your music to death, you'd understand why the ad is so great. They really managed to capture what its like to be totally and utterly involved with the music you're listening to. I can't manage public transport without my mp3 player. For some reason, the journey takes twice as long with the absence of music. But with the headphones on, time passes quickly away with every song played. Commuting alone doesn't feel so threatening because its as though you have company for entertaining yourself. You can avoid many a stranger's eye because you're too committed to the song that's on. You're protected, somehow. And when the weather's just right, with a breeze in the air as you're crossing the street from KL Sentral to Sentral Monorail, you can pretend you're in a movie with a soundtrack for narration. And when you're getting restless on your way home, there's nothing a few off-key choruses of Rock The Casbah or Love Changes (Everything) can't do to make you feel all enthusiastic again.

And this is exactly why I don't mind commuting, all by my lonesome self.

  1. Blogger EibNeau said:

    OOH! I like this ad too!

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    The thunder, it lingers. Not heard as much as felt, the caress of a python in a dream. A primal chord resonating deep in the subconscious, both terrifying and invigorating, it takes us back to a time before time. Entwined, breathing in time, the rain comes. Words dance with the imagination, sound makes love to the soul.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    the FEEL ads are nice. this is just overkill.

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