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Desktop Confessional


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This blog seems to be going the way of Justin Timberlake Fangirlism. Its practically a shrine, good Lord. But this is too funny, and only adds to my JT adoration.

Another JT clip, from when he hosted Saturday Night Live. A little vulgar, but its so freaking hilarious. I LOLed all over myself. Tune's not bad either, catchy!

JT and Adam Samberg from SNL - "Dick in a Box". Pls don't ask, just watch. SFW with headphones on. :D

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    // Maria's Beautiful Mess

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    "You have the time?"
    Startled, you turn. He's not a bad looking guy. Intense eyes, hint of a smile, tall.
    "Umm, about 2"
    He pauses for a moment..
    "Is there starbucks close by?"
    You smile
    "where are you from?"

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    thanks for the music tip, anony.

    and mac, your comments always intrigue me but i'd really like to know where they the hell they're coming from!:D

  1. Anonymous mac said:

    humm -- where

    A love of words.
    And gentle curves.
    Flirtatious smiles.
    An abiding belief of what I see in the eyes.

    imagining a scent, a touch.
    the sound of a voice.

    The knowledge that a caged soul needs to rebel to grow.


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