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Desktop Confessional

Before the parties ...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I need to,

1) Thread my eyebrows. They haven't been touched since ... Recharge at Melaka, dammit, that's a long time. No matter how carefully I put on the armour (ie make-up) before heading out, I will still feel self-conscious if my eyebrows resemble Borat's.

2) Lose the 3kg I gained this year. OH, WOE. I'm carrying Girlfriend Weight. It's the weight you gain when you're having too much fun having dinners and lunches and suppers with your boyfriend.

That's about it, really. It's Xmas in a day and I'm more excited about this year's affair than I was for last year's, or the year before for some reason. New Year's Eve is wide open to plans, so if you know of anything cool happening - let me know!

I got all nostalgic last night, so I'm going to embed my favourite Coldplay song before I sign off. Oh yes indeed, I do shiver whenever this song comes on.

// Peter Bjorn & John - "Amsterdam"

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    Old-school Coldplay :)

    We can be weight loss buddies. I need to lose the 4kg I gained from uh, excessive consumption of ...stuff this year. 1 down, 3 to go? lol.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    haha. i din know there's sth called Girlfriend weight. hehe.

    merry xmas ! :)

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    right blame the boyfriend

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