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Desktop Confessional

Bah, humbug.

Monday, December 25, 2006
7:04 PM

I am having a very lonely Christmas, sigh. This was not how I pictured spending it two days ago.

But a very merry one to all of you! Hope this post didn't rain on anyone's parade.


Before the parties ...

Sunday, December 24, 2006
1:59 AM

I need to,

1) Thread my eyebrows. They haven't been touched since ... Recharge at Melaka, dammit, that's a long time. No matter how carefully I put on the armour (ie make-up) before heading out, I will still feel self-conscious if my eyebrows resemble Borat's.

2) Lose the 3kg I gained this year. OH, WOE. I'm carrying Girlfriend Weight. It's the weight you gain when you're having too much fun having dinners and lunches and suppers with your boyfriend.

That's about it, really. It's Xmas in a day and I'm more excited about this year's affair than I was for last year's, or the year before for some reason. New Year's Eve is wide open to plans, so if you know of anything cool happening - let me know!

I got all nostalgic last night, so I'm going to embed my favourite Coldplay song before I sign off. Oh yes indeed, I do shiver whenever this song comes on.

// Peter Bjorn & John - "Amsterdam"


Tuesday, December 19, 2006
12:34 AM

This blog seems to be going the way of Justin Timberlake Fangirlism. Its practically a shrine, good Lord. But this is too funny, and only adds to my JT adoration.

Another JT clip, from when he hosted Saturday Night Live. A little vulgar, but its so freaking hilarious. I LOLed all over myself. Tune's not bad either, catchy!

JT and Adam Samberg from SNL - "Dick in a Box". Pls don't ask, just watch. SFW with headphones on. :D

Kiss and sell.

Friday, December 15, 2006
12:32 AM

You might have seen this ad on tv or in the cinema, waiting for your movie to start. Its hands down, my favourite tv commercial of the year:

If you love your music to death, you'd understand why the ad is so great. They really managed to capture what its like to be totally and utterly involved with the music you're listening to. I can't manage public transport without my mp3 player. For some reason, the journey takes twice as long with the absence of music. But with the headphones on, time passes quickly away with every song played. Commuting alone doesn't feel so threatening because its as though you have company for entertaining yourself. You can avoid many a stranger's eye because you're too committed to the song that's on. You're protected, somehow. And when the weather's just right, with a breeze in the air as you're crossing the street from KL Sentral to Sentral Monorail, you can pretend you're in a movie with a soundtrack for narration. And when you're getting restless on your way home, there's nothing a few off-key choruses of Rock The Casbah or Love Changes (Everything) can't do to make you feel all enthusiastic again.

And this is exactly why I don't mind commuting, all by my lonesome self.

She's in fashion (part deux)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
3:42 PM

Today I saw a girl wearing leggings with .... a Punjabi suit top. -_-

I know fashion is going through an 80's revival, but PLEASE lah!

Saturday, December 02, 2006
9:27 PM

The enjoyment of food has been plaguing me with guilt lately. I, er, don't move much these days. Between the sleeping in, and the watching of tv, I'm practically immobile during the week. Gross right, when you think about it. Walking around the mall or to the mamak to eat doesn't really count as exercise. Argh, I keep pinching myself to drill into my head that flabbier isn't better. It doesn't help that there's this new bakery that opened which sells the most delicious eclairs ... I've been having three a week. CRAP! CRAP!

The sooner I get a job, the better cause then I can just put all my energies into work instead of feeding myself when I get bored. The job hunt has almost come to an end (or at least, I hope) ... I've only been to 3 interviews , but its really given me a perspective on the line of work that I could potentially see myself doing. More importantly, its given me some instinct on what job is totally not right for me.

I will not work in a place where:

1) ... It looks like a factory, ie harsh flouroscent lighting, pale white walls and where everyone in there has this unhealthy, pallid complexion.

2) ... The HR Manager acts like its a crime against humanity that you said you'll get back to them in a week in response to their job offer. Isn't time for consideration a normal thing?!

3) ... Verbal job offer is not followed up by letter of offer that would certainly help with the considering! Hello?

4) ... The receptionist is a dumb ass and cannot direct you to the person in charge, and makes you wait 10 minutes listening to nothing ... not even elevator music. People often underestimate the importance of a good receptionist. They are after all, the first impression your company gives to potential clients or employees.

5) ... The person-in-charge does not seem to compute when you say you want to reschedule your meeting. Instead, keeps thinking you are confirming the interview despite you saying, increasingly louder, that you "have ... an... exam... on... Friday. Is ... Monday... OKAY?"

That's my top 5 no-no's. I shall soldier on with funny people in funny companies until I find The One. Seriously. Looking for your first job is harder than looking for a boyfriend.

// The Flaming Lips - "Mr Ambulance Driver"