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Desktop Confessional

Al does it again.

Thursday, October 19, 2006
9:35 PM

Hail thee Weird Al Yankovic. I've turned into a YouTube fanatic.

"White and Nerdy".


Wednesday, October 18, 2006
6:20 PM

I'm sorry, but I really like Justin Timberlake.

There's loooooovely choreography here, and the beat is almost reminiscent of the late-Aaliyah. It's almost like its the late 90's all over again, yay! My favourite musical years!

Its been a while since I've seen good choreography in videos that didn't feature almost naked chicks with boobs the size of melons rubbing up against the lead singer (although this video also got lah, but forgiven since its SUCH A GOOD SONG).

Ignore the first few minutes, I know it sounds dodgy as hell. Everything else is golden.

Monday, October 16, 2006
7:42 PM

Everywhere I go now, its just:
"Have you started looking for a job?"
"(company name) is a good stepping stone, but don't stay for too long."
"When you start working, you cannot be too kan cheong (excitable)."
"Yeah if you work there we can commute to work together."
"Don't repeat my mistakes and work for a small company."
"Always think of large companies and MNCs."
"This is the best time to start working cos accomodation and food still taken care of."
"Have you sent in your resume?"
"You think you so good can get job so fast ah?"
"Job market is really bad, don't be too choosy."


I know its all good intentions but its driving me up the wall. I don't know discard their advice cos I know they've learnt from their experience, so I've just cleaned up my CV and am now looking for companies and etc. Everyone's telling me aim big, aim corporate but all I want to do is write.


But I am job hunting, mom and dad, I am. Even though I still have classes, and an exam in November.