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Desktop Confessional

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blogging is becoming harder and harder to do. Ironic really, when I have more to say now than I ever did 3 years ago .. but somehow that doesn't really translate onto blog posts. I've never been a storyteller, I'd rather listen most of the time.

Anyway, glad to report that there have been no significant changes in my life, 'cept that my hair is noticeably longer. I'm not sure if the lack of change is a good or bad thing but its sooo appreciated right now because I have been so bloody busy at college. Been staying back until sometimes 10pm because we were closing the campus newspaper. By the time I go home, my head touches the pillow and I'm dead asleep. So much for blogging!

And because I work sooo hard (:P), I'm inclined to have a lot more fun too. Balanced lah sikit, takkan wannabe workaholic at 21? So because of frequent outings, I'm now broker than ever... and its not even the first week of the freaking month! WTF. Sent in a book for photostating like 3 weeks ago, and I haven't even collected it yet because have been er, too poor. So the photostating lady has been sms-ing and harassing Meesh to have us pick up the book.

But we'd rather spend whatever money we have on magazines. Priorities are misaligned a little. But in the absence of new clothes, a car, great hair, perfect teeth and neverending cashflow or shiny new material objects, magazines are our salvation. Something we love that's affordable - so little in life is like that, no?

Oh yes, something else has changed. I've turned into a horrible photographer. Not that I was ever really good, but at least the pictures turned out pretty clear. Now its all rubbish, blur, composition like shite. So fucking depressing. Really should start snapping random stuff again.

I've no classes on Tuesday, so today I woke up late and read and read and read. I love lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon when everyone's at work, and doing nothing but read. I stuffed headphones in my ear as well to really isolate myself from the world, and made a reminder to update the songs on the mp3 player. That's how wonderfully uneventful my Tuesday has been, ahh!

Tomorrow is back to the usual college grind. Ho hum. Only 2 more months before I graduate, and frankly I am a little afraid. Please Lord, don't let me be unemployed too long, I don't want to be a statistic. At least, send me some heavenly thoughts or epiphanies as to where I should even consider working at because right now, I have absolutely no clue.


(My band of the month is Guillemots. "Made Up Love Song #43" or "Trains to Brazil". Try them.)

  1. Blogger calvism said:

    good to have u back! :)

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    SARAH! I miss you & your posts. Come and visit me when you've graduated! :)

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    urgent ... can you post more photos of hawt chiks

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    calv - lol thanks, though i'm always disappearing on and off again. congrats on finding a new job.

    nadiah - miss you too!! are you ever coming back!!

    simonsta - babes!!!!!! *whacks*

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