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Desktop Confessional

House of Carters

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
12:59 PM

Remember Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys? House of Carters is a new reality show set to premier in the US on Oct 3. It features the whole Carter sibling clan - yep including Aaron "I Got A Crush On You" Carter and their 3 sisters Angel (very fucking hot), BJ and Leslie.

I just watched the premier on Google video and OMG, it is drama-rific. If you've ever fought with your siblings and think that if you could kill them off, you would and be happy with it - WATCH THIS SHOW. From an alcoholic sister, to an emotionally abusive and distant mother and even a litttle something on Paris Hilton, post-breakup with Nick, I was completely gripped by House of Carters.

Am I frivolous and a reality-tv ho? Probably, but I guarantee that this show hits a slightly more emotional nerve. Its about family after all, and what can be more emotionally draining?

Click here for premier episode!. It loaded pretty fast for me.

Monday Blueshoohoo.

Monday, September 18, 2006
1:25 PM

Alas its Monday again! Blink, and the entire weekend is gone. Procrastination was the name of my game the whole of last week. The academic paper I was talking about previously (should anyone even be remotely interested in it, if you are WOW)? I've made the amazing progress of ... *clicks Word Count* ... 309 words! Brilliant lah .. only 2700 to go.

*hits head on table .. repeatedly*

On the bright side! A classmate went back to his hometown in Sarawak over the weekend and brought back for all of us Journalism kids a HUGE bottle of tuak! We currently have alcohol on college grounds and we've been passing around the bottle, taking a whiff and wishing we could have a shot without passing out for our 3pm class. Its homemade! I wish my mom could make alcohol.

Ignore the bottle, its just for storage purposes. I've never heard of Bols Blue in my life. We've decided that we'll all share it after all our work is over and that'll be in approximately ... 2 weeks!

2 weeks and then the bulk of our work is done. All we gotta do is just sit back and relax while we wait to sit for our English test, which shouldn't be too tricky. Right now that 2 weeks seem impossibly long ... like 2700-words-long. (I should really get back to my work .. )

Last Friday was KLue's 20 under 40 party at Atrium. I didn't stay for very long ... just enough for freeflow to be over, heh! Freeloading is fun. But it was good crowd and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Of course, it was packed enough with Beautiful People to make us plain Joes and Janes develop an inferiority complex .... but hey, it was cool. Performances by Shanon Shah and Rhapsody on one end, and house (I think ..) music on the over end. Something for everybody, at least. It was good just to meet up (briefly) with the people at KLue.

Didn't take a lot of pics but at least we got a complimentary polaroid from Martell.

Okay now I really have to get back to work. Why does procrastination feel so good?

I hate titles.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
5:22 PM

I've been procrastinating on starting on my seminar paper (The Press, The State and National Development) since last Saturday.

On Saturday after I got back from my night/day out, I thought to myself, "Weekend's just beginning! Let's start on Monday!".

On Monday I was thinking, "I'm on a week's break ... let me just enjoy one day for myself."

Now its Tuesday, and I still haven't started on anything yet. Go me! I just can't bear the thought of going through all the research and journals that's so filled with what I know is English, but never makes any sense unless I read a sentence two, three times.

Academic essays are the pits. Its a dark hole of in-text citations, reference lists and endless pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo.

But it has to be done, else I won't graduate. Its only 3000 words ... and it'll be handed in next week. After that, I won't have to worry about any more academic essays!!

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to psyche myself up for a long, boring journey.

// Delays - "Long Time Coming"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
5:18 PM

Blogging is becoming harder and harder to do. Ironic really, when I have more to say now than I ever did 3 years ago .. but somehow that doesn't really translate onto blog posts. I've never been a storyteller, I'd rather listen most of the time.

Anyway, glad to report that there have been no significant changes in my life, 'cept that my hair is noticeably longer. I'm not sure if the lack of change is a good or bad thing but its sooo appreciated right now because I have been so bloody busy at college. Been staying back until sometimes 10pm because we were closing the campus newspaper. By the time I go home, my head touches the pillow and I'm dead asleep. So much for blogging!

And because I work sooo hard (:P), I'm inclined to have a lot more fun too. Balanced lah sikit, takkan wannabe workaholic at 21? So because of frequent outings, I'm now broker than ever... and its not even the first week of the freaking month! WTF. Sent in a book for photostating like 3 weeks ago, and I haven't even collected it yet because have been er, too poor. So the photostating lady has been sms-ing and harassing Meesh to have us pick up the book.

But we'd rather spend whatever money we have on magazines. Priorities are misaligned a little. But in the absence of new clothes, a car, great hair, perfect teeth and neverending cashflow or shiny new material objects, magazines are our salvation. Something we love that's affordable - so little in life is like that, no?

Oh yes, something else has changed. I've turned into a horrible photographer. Not that I was ever really good, but at least the pictures turned out pretty clear. Now its all rubbish, blur, composition like shite. So fucking depressing. Really should start snapping random stuff again.

I've no classes on Tuesday, so today I woke up late and read and read and read. I love lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon when everyone's at work, and doing nothing but read. I stuffed headphones in my ear as well to really isolate myself from the world, and made a reminder to update the songs on the mp3 player. That's how wonderfully uneventful my Tuesday has been, ahh!

Tomorrow is back to the usual college grind. Ho hum. Only 2 more months before I graduate, and frankly I am a little afraid. Please Lord, don't let me be unemployed too long, I don't want to be a statistic. At least, send me some heavenly thoughts or epiphanies as to where I should even consider working at because right now, I have absolutely no clue.


(My band of the month is Guillemots. "Made Up Love Song #43" or "Trains to Brazil". Try them.)