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Desktop Confessional


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Everyone's been asking me, "Sooooo .. how does it feel to be 21?"

In all honesty, it feels absolutely the same. I doubt anyone really expects an answer that differs from that.

I mean we've been going to clubs, drinking, done all the stuff our parents warned us not to .. even BEFORE 21, so no big deal lah right. (Except I am paranoid no more of a raid happening or if I get carded).

But here's something I did that really made me feel twenty one ...

I registered to vote today.

Tra la la la. Akulah penentu masa depan negara ini, to quote the poster.

Other than that .. blahh. Oh yeah, We Are Scientists?

Fucking owned!!

Will blog pictures when they are sent my way.

  1. Blogger Fong said:

    Happy 21!!!!!! ;)

  1. Blogger quinz said:

    Happy belated birthday!!! (pretend it's not this late!!!

    Hugs and kisses!!!!

  1. Blogger Julienne said:

    People ask me how does it feel like being 21- i tell them there's no difference because the damn bouncers at the door still ask me for ID. *dammit* But happy belated 21st bday to you. =P

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