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Desktop Confessional

Money Is For Spending.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I got my paycheck last week .. and it was a proper paycheck for a month, not like the first one where it was just for two weeks. The amount wasn't a hell lot, but it was enough for me. The first thing I blew it on was lunch at O'Brien's on my last day of internship (great sandwiches but shit service). And the rest was today with my Mom. I bought her lunch, drinks and then took her to do her eyebrows. It wasn't much but I paid for everything.

And it felt really good.

I've concluded that I am a very generous person ... if my bank balance allows it. So pls don't say I am a typical Chinaman! :P

I'm going to go shopping tomorrow. Well, I plan to anyway. I say "plan to" because I'm not sure if I'll actually go through the whole process of withdrawing money (heartbreak) and then spending it on something I don't quite need but want. Want is stronger than Need sometimes. We'll see. God knows I need some variety in my clothes. I've been wearing the same t-shirts in different colours for far too long.

So the internship is over, and me and Stef bid adieu to everyone at the office yesterday. It was a lot more painful than I thought saying tata to the people I've been seeing almost daily for the past few months. Shermen took a polaroid of us. For the Intern Hall Of Shame (as Brian would say).

KLue was great fun, and the only thing I'd regret is leaving when I just started knowing everyone better. I shouldn't really be talking although its the end as I'll still be doing some stuff for them, and I have to go back to return a book I reviewed and collect the remainer of my paycheck anyway.

Along the way though, I went for mucho events, experienced the so-called media perks, met and interviewed many interesting people, ate a lot of good food .. wrote a hell lot more, had the editor stumble on my blog (how embarassing :P Hullo Adrian, if you're reading), and discovered that I am really in the right field of work.

So thanks for the opportunity.
I had a very good time.

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    i have been to the future and the money was all exhausted at two outlets

  1. Blogger EibNeau said:

    u finished yurs already
    dat was fast ey?

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    Typical Chinawoman maybe? hehe.

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