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Desktop Confessional

Monday, July 31, 2006

How do I know that I have been blogging as sporadic as the sun appears in the UK?

When the post regarding the end of semester 3 ("The End") and the one regarding the shiny new semester 4 (this one lah) ends up on the same page.

I know, I know ... I am one lazy girl.

So to make up for it, here's a quick review on what I've been up to of late.

Wangi Jadi Saksi

Thanks to da best PR person evarr, and good guy all around, (Nazrul!) a bunch of my friends and I got to see Wangi Jadi Saksi on its opening night. And let me tell you, they were awesome tickets as we were sitting so close to the stage and to the musical troupe providing the live soundtrack of the play.

For those in the dark, this play revolves around the confrontation between Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah as seen through the eyes of Jebat's wife, Dang Wangi. If you're Malaysian, you should have heard of this story (if not, shame!). For those still in the dark, the tale of the confrontation between Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah is one of the most enduring stories of our nation. Here's a crash course of the general plot: worship the Wikipedia.

There were a lot of things that was good about this production. I really loved the cast as I thought they were just stellar in their roles. My favourite was Sobri Anuar who played Jebat, as I thought he delivered the role with enough conviction and I really did feel the betrayal when Tuah subtly told him that he was there to kill him. Oh, the anguish.

Vanidah Imran was haunting as Dang Wangi, particularly when she was in monologue. It gave me shivers hearing her lament on her loss and then hum a sad song. But her portrayal also struck me as a tad over the board, and often melodramatic.

But you know what was the best part of the play? The music. OMG THE MUSIC. It was beautiful, it was spiritual, it was completely mesmerizing. When you are seated two rows from the musicians, it really leaves a deeper impact.

I definitely would not mind catching Wangi Jadi Saksi a second time, seeing as my Malay is soo karat that I didn't totally get everything that was being said. If only I had enough moo-lah. The month of July has been event after event, that I am left broke. As usual.

Lyn, myself of poofy hair, meesh, and Winnie who just got back from the States.

It is sad how easy it was to write this post, as opposed to the struggle I am facing trying to type the feature on student activism due for the college newspaper.

*seethes and pounds on keyboard*

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    the photo got no chiks 1 ?!

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

    oh woman, we have the almost exact same kinda cut. Sniffles I miss my curls

  1. Blogger EibNeau said:

    damn gurl! shorty's got a new do. dig the do! (all of the sudden the ibster's felt ghetto) haha.

  1. Blogger lainieyeoh said:

    hahaha...i have a very similiar photo. taken at the same place in bangsar, probably. zedeck and i both wrote something related to graffiti recently. if you're short on time, do what we did - watch 18? and plagiarise / rely heavily on that. :P

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