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Desktop Confessional

Acid Is Baaad.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
5:37 PM

My dad dropped by the KLue office in acid-washed jeans yesterday.

ACID WASHED JEANS, the ultimate symbol of the 80's and of bad fashion. At office. KLue office.


If you don't get the humor in that and the embarassment inflicted upon me, you should just drop a comment.

Fete de la Musique.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
9:43 PM

Hmm. Eyebrows are resembling something that lurks beneath a muddy lake. Need to get them in control soon, but just have no time and would rather sleep or eat (i am sucha slob) whenever time is available. We're closing the July issue this week and it has been heeeeeeeeeeectic! Everyone's rushing up and down the office, collecting stuff from printers, reading/re-reading, correcting, yelling, panicking, and imitating Thai tourists going on a deranged shopping spree (that would be the sub-editor, haha).

The big news is that Upfront is back! Can't wait for that! The last one with Architecture in Helsinki was great and I'll always remember it fondly as the day before my bag got snatched. Ahh. *wistful*

This time, they're bringing down We Are Scientists. We are who? Don't worry, I'm clueless too. One quick search and download answered my questions though, and they're dance rock in the vein of The Killers/ Hot Hot Heat. VERY FUN, VERY NICE, VERY I LOIKE. You can't go wrong with lyrics like this:

my body is your body, i won't tell anybody, if you want to use my body, goooo aaaaa heeeaddddd - "nobody move, nobody get hurt"

I've been singing this line in RapidKL busses on the way to work. I think it might be the reason why people have been smiling at me more often.

Anyway, last weekend was Fete De La Musique which was ... ookay. First time attending the fest and fell a wee bit short of my expectations. Went to the first venue at Bangsar, which was weirdly scattered into 3 stages at 3 different venues. Confusing, and a hassle to navigate through all 3.

Funniest bit was when this band (dont remember name) who plays death metal kinda music .. well lets just say the frontman had a wardrobe malfunction. In the midst of screaming and spazzing about on stage, his pants steadly slipped passed his hips and soon, the whole world saw his greyish-white underwear. Didn't help that he had his back to the crowd most of the time. And the fact that he was singing death metal with his pants down. Hahahah.

This was presumably the highlight of the night, French band La Casa:

Man or woman, French or Malaysian - we're all camh0s.

We moved on over to the other venue, Alliance Francaise at Jalan Gurney after dinner. The venue was really quaint, this old colonial mansion with huge grounds. Unfortunately, it had been raining so the huge grounds turned into a huge muddy, squelcy mess. Just took photos from a dry distance!

Guess who? Azmyl Yunor doesn't stand still when performing.

We Will Be Shadows.

Jerome Kugan and Peavey.

Sarah be sleepy.

And weary.


// Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

Thursday, June 15, 2006
10:15 PM

With press screenings, you go in the morning and I'm usually there half hour earlier, and its always Midvalley. I've been doing movie previews so many times this past week that I've developed a routine. The first thing I do, is to go down to the floor where Carrefour is at, and where its surrounded by all those little stalls and some restaurants. The smell there in the morning is amazing! All the bakeries are baking, and there's this intoxicating smell of fresh pastries wafting from every bakery (and there are a lot on this floor). It puts me in such a good mood, and I can't resist but to grab a bun after that. I've eaten a bun every day for this week, I think. In the morning, the buns are absolutely heaven because they are warm, and soft, and FRESH. They fill your heart with such comfort and love.

I also like the smell of cupboards, especially the ones where my mom stores all the toiletries, shampoo, soap and all. It smells so clean.

And also, the smell of the jar where we keep our teabags. Tea leaves smell absolutely wonderful; calming for some reason.

What else? The insides of a cigarette box.

Now the big question: does one really need to shower twice a day because I am so lazy right now that I want to just go to bed.

Bathroom tap is leaking. The drip drip drip drives me up the wall with irritation.

And so the madness begins ...

Friday, June 09, 2006
11:00 PM

.. 11.45pm, Brazil vs Costa Rica. I can already forsee the fake MCs given to bosses.

I'm so glad to be home. Its been such a loooong day. Finally met 8/10 of the Blue Chilli finalists. Fittings can be fun. You can stand there imagining that they might give you all the pretty clothes for free!

But that never happens. Sulk.

I came home yesterday whining to the himbo that I am absolutely dying for cake. Someone up there must like me because I opened the fridge today and lo and behold! Chocolate cake! The best moist chocolate cake RM10 can buy. Was so thinking of having it for breakfast (crave crave) but I was already late. Sulk some more.

Guess what arrived on my desk a few days ago, though:

From Puma Time's Welcome to Football collection - Germany

Talk about World Cup Madness! I might sell it as its more of a boy's watch, but my brother has been eyeing it and dropping mad hints across the floor.

Footie party tomorrow at the office. Free booze (!) and free food (!!!!!).

Going to ignore the opening ceremony on TV and head to bed, reading Harry Potter 6 for the 3rd time.