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Desktop Confessional


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nothing like the weekend to make everything feel better!

I had such a good day, doing random, unexciting stuff. Random, unexciting stuff seem to satisfy me the most, for some reason. Probably because I'm a creature of comfort at heart, and just want to be who I am without the need to socialize, dress up, work, make small talk ...

Okay so basically, I'm just lazy.

The recipe to my good day were as follows:

I Wanna Be A Mutant

X-Men 3: Despite what everyone has been saying, I liked this last installment in the X-Men trilogy. Then again, I've always loved the X-Men, so I might be more than a little biased.

What was disappointing was that Angel was such a small character. He's got such a great power going on, and the visualization of it was so fantastic (the wings were gorgeous), but he was hardly pivotal to the movie. Also, the fact that there were so many deaths of major characters.

But, it is a movie based on a comic book, so people can die like a cat, but still come back more powerful, or more deranged than before. And if you stay until the end of the credits, you get to see a short scene which indicate that this MIGHT not be the last you see of the mutants.

I love mutants! Where can I get some genetic mutation done? Hmmm.

Carbs Are My Friends

Essential to any good day is the presence of food. Lots of it. In various colours, and in various food groups.

Lecka Lecka is slowly emerging to be my favourite in the ice-cream department. Prices are significantly less than its competitors, and their flavours are so much more original. Today's choice was Black Forest and White Peach. Can you say, 'awesome'?

Awesome, awesome. Add a packet of Lay's original chips and you have something to piss off your doctor, but make you a happy, fat camper.

Oh yeah, had a donut from Dunkin Donuts as well.


"I Wanna Be Forever ... 21"

Please download Youth Group's version of "Forever Young" though, since we're on that subject.

Forever 21 opened in 1 Utama last Friday. I never saw its big deal, but apparently, it was a big deal. Lots of girls were talking about it online, and the anticipation was seriously buikding up. I've heard of the brand, but never actually saw its clothes so I wasn't too excited.

Now that I've been in the store and seen their clothes, I so bloody regretted not accepting the invite to their launch by the magazine. What if there were vouchers! What if there were free clothes!

I am becoming such a freeloader, its not even funny. NOT. FUNNY.

The store is huge, and right next to MNG. The amusing thing was, as we were walking towards the shop, we passed Topshop, XOXO, Naf Naf and etc. They were empty.

Forever 21, on the other hand, was swarming with little fashionistas, and their wannabes.

Prices are not to say cheap, but when compared to similar brands like Warehouse and Topshop, significantly less. Their dresses are so pretty, and cost about RM129. Polka dots are everywhere; apparently they're the new black. (What was the old black?) Everywhere you go, its just cutesy kitschy polka dots. I personally am a fan of polka dots, but I'm not sure if I should get any because everyone would have them.

The clothes are gorgeous. I really like them, and their right up my alley. Looking at all the girls in the store, I felt so diminished. Everyone was so bloody hip and happening, and I was dressed so badly. Am I shallow for feeling this way? Probably.

So obsessed was I about the store that when the himbo was looking for Cafe 21 in Giant, I absent-mindedly asked, "So where's the Forever 21?"

Cue: snickers and taunting from himbo for being bimbo.


Still have to transcribe an interview and start on my logbook, blaaaarrrgh. Very tempted to do it tomorrow, and procastinated. Brother needs the computer, after all, so shall be selfless and let him use it. Hehe.

// Imogen Heap- Speeding Cars

  1. Blogger meesh said:

    Omg omg! they have forever 21?!?!?!?! I used to shop there in NY! Happy! Happy!

    Ok. Back to being serious journalist type. :P

    Miss you!

  1. Blogger calvism said:

    lecka-lecka is 95% fat free (or not, who cares, it melts in the mouth, its heavenly indulging..heheh)~
    + gelato is the bomb!

    (im so gonna check out forever 21...and yes i love window shopping with gals)

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