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Desktop Confessional

Quick update from freezing office.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Its FRIDAY! Its Friday!

*prances around*

I'm still sitting here in the freezing cold office, waiting for the rain to stop and for the clock to strike 6. We closed the issue last week so this week has been like a lay on the beach! In a purely non-sexual sense of course.

So I've been interning at the magazine for the past 2 weeks and it has been quite an experience so far. Most days I come home so dead tired from using public transport that I quite literally, sleep when my head touches the pillow. Haven't seen my family in a while as well, I wonder how they're doing!

I've also been eating like a freaking pig the past few days. On Wednesday night, there was dinner and cocktails with Belvedere Vodka, on Thursday evening was hi-tea at Delicious cafe and today, breakfast at Dome. Sounds good? Yeah try doing it three days in a row. I never thought I would grow sick of free food.

But not, like, I want to like, give it up or anything. Heh.

I'm not complaining, I'm secretly enjoying these perks hehe. I'm so giddy in an annoying fresh graduate kind of way. And I haven't even graduated yet. Bleh.

The 'meeting of new people', as I've come to find out, isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I was imagining really awkward pauses and stupid questions (from me), but I seem to be doing okay so far. I've called up loads of people (got really bad treatment from a very rude Malaysian BAR Council - BAR Council are you reading this?!), typed up a heck load of listings, pored over press releases ... speaking of that, press releases for perfumes have GOT to be WORST. Every single one of them describes their perfume as "sensuous", or "intoxicating" and "alluring". Bloody hell. Get a thesaurus.

Anyway wish I could tell more, but I'm too lazy. Best ask me in person or over IM. On a little note, the new issue of KLue comes out this weekend, so do get one. :)

//Listening to Iron and Wine from someone else's speakers. My PC here got no speakers :( Or Windows Media Player. Or MS Word, for the matter. Haha!

  1. Blogger EibNeau said:

    Gonna miss all those perks...*sobbidysobz*

  1. Blogger EibNeau said:

    Actually what i wrote has nothing to do with my practical (the one abt pr-ing and faking things). it's the other side of my world that im refering to, the one that kept making my face sour...my internship is not inKLUEded cus its bloody cool...sobbidysobz (again)...

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

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