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Desktop Confessional

The End (of a semester).

Friday, May 05, 2006

In typical Sarah fashion --

Friday night, not only any Friday night, but the Friday of my last exam and where am I? At home alone, tra la la! I rain on my own parade, so there's no need to feel bad for me. After several all-nighters, emergence of pimples due to stress and an insane amount of reading ... staying home, watching downloaded TV shows and trailers seemed like a really good idea. Not to mention the best present of all - sleeping any time I want, waking up any time I want the next day. That, is surely life's best pleasure.

Anyway this weekend is all I have before getting on the next ride - my internship. I HAVE TWO DAYS TO PREP FOR MY INTERNSHIP! The College's genorousity is astounding. That's barely enough time to even grasp the fact that I am going to (semi) work this coming Monday. I've come to the conclusion that I am REALLY NERVOUS. It never struck me before because I was too preoccupied with my exams, but now that I've flushed out everything I studied (so much for education) and my mind is clearer ... I am very very worried. Of what? Don't know. The fact that I don't exactly know how to fax or work the photostat machine. That my brain will shut down during meetings and will be unable to give any opinions. That I'd be socially awkward and dorky (I am so dorky). That my mouth will run away with me. Gaaaaggh.

What can I do!?! MAKE COFFEE!

Thanks Starbucks, for that invaluable skill.

And like the glutton I am, I typed this entire entry while polishing off Hilton's boxed lunch thing my mom got from her training today. I finished off the entire carbohydrates section - cheesecake, bun + butter + jam and a damn good cupcake. Who be da playa pig!

This is what you do when you are home on a Friday night and the himbo is in Penang so can't take you out.

(I misses you.)

// U2 - Original of Species
"And you feel like no-one before
You steal right under my door
And I kneel ‘cos I want you some more
I want the lot of what you got
And I want nothing that you’re not"

  1. Anonymous jimmy said:

    hip hip hurray !

    btw u sound more excited than nervous! haha

    cheers :)

  1. Anonymous message said:




  1. Blogger sarah said:

    jimmy-- weeeeell anxiety and excitement are easily confused between one another so maybe i really AM excited.. but that doesnt explain why i so want this weekend to stretch on and on so monday wouldn't come too fast! hehe.

    message -- that is like, the weirdest comment ever.

  1. Anonymous jimmy said:



  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    hrmm i must've recommended you that u2 song. penang chiks are unhawt

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