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Desktop Confessional

An Odd Realization.

Friday, April 28, 2006
6:42 PM

I find kissing the air near someone's cheeks, both left and right, in a manner that screams "mwah mwah" a bit comical.

But I do like hugs as a form of greeting.

(Just finished bloody studying, huzzah, so productive today. As a reward can watch downloaded "The OC" tonight! Nyeks.)

Where did compassion go?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
12:11 PM

In college now, waiting for exam to start at 2.15 PM. Don't ask me why we're here at 12.17 PM .. we're nerds! Don't you just love English exams of any variety? You don't have to study for it, and its usually an automatic A! Boasting? Of course not, you'd feel the same way too.

Exam season is in the air, which explains for the lack of updates. There's a lot that I wanted to say though.

Like how last week I went to watch Gubra and was so blown away by the message underlying the movie, and the themes. It was funny and thought-provoking and I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen - be it international or Malaysian. I remember how right after the movie I SMS-ed Kaki Cucuk Langit and demanded he send my regards to Yasmin about how amazing the movie was.

Barely a week after the viewing, Meesh tells me such discouraging news about what she saw on RTM 1 the other day. I didn't see it so I'm not in a position to comment much about it but do go to Meesh's if you want more information and a compelling commentary about what was said. In a nutshell, Sepet and Gubra was lambasted for being "pencemar budaya" and how these movies "memusnahkan akhlak" and a whole load of bullshit.

I feel very sad knowing that some people would think so horribly about Yasmin's message. It just seems like the world is slowly losing compassion for its own people. First, there is the whole furor about not being able to even hug in public. Of course its understandable that our culture isn't exactly big on public displays of affection, and I myself think that full-on making out is disrespectful for some in public ... but hugging? A peck on the cheek? What's wrong with showing little actions of affection and love? Hell, in these times those two things are EXACTLY what we need.

And now, a movie that basically tells all of us to be understanding, compassionate and kind to our fellow human beings is being called a degradation to values and culture? What kind of values do we have that denies us all these traits?



Saturday, April 15, 2006
10:54 PM

Two of my favourite things are words and music. So when an event entitled Words & Tunes come my way and, what more, held at the book orgy called Borders, do you think I would not go?

We were there pretty early. In order to kill time and live up to the guise that we are busy people with busy lives instead of the aimless wanderers that we really were (pause, for that was such a looong sentence) ... Meesh and I looked through the books at the Asian Authors section.

Me: (enunciating each syllable of the author's name) Nee-sha Meen-has, Chappati or Chips. Hah-roo-kee Moo-ra-ka-mee, Norwegian Wood. Nah-mah-sa-kee ...
Meesh: Woah --- WHAT?
Me: Namasake?
Meesh: (Combusts, gasps and heaves in laughter) It's Namesake lah you idiot!!

Oh. So it turned out the title of the book was The Namesake, and the author was Jhumpa Lahiri. Joom-pa La-hee-ree. Meesh says she has the book and will loan it to me, but for now I would like to just forget the fact that I pronounced "namesake" as "na ma sa kee".

Performing today were,

Rhapsody who were so amazing! Loved the vocals, loved the song selection. Loved the cover of John Mayer + Herbie Hancock's "Stitched Up".

The Sofa Sessions, who were as good as when I last saw them at Troubadours. The band's chemistry is seriously the funnest I've seen live.

And the lovely Dina Zaman read us a few of her essays. I was so involved in her reading that Meesh remarked that I looked ready to cry.

You would look ready to cry too if you were surviving on 2 hours of sleep!

Movie Trivia Time.

Thursday, April 13, 2006
10:51 AM

I've been reading a lot about movies lately because I have a Cinema Studies exam on Monday. Ok stop- before you think Cinema Studies sounds soooo fun, you should really know that the exam don't include questions like these, which were geniously thought up by the himbo:

1) Who is the lead actor of Armageddon? Bruce Willis!

2) How many times did Michael Keaton play Batman? Two!

3) How many times did Peter Weller play Robocop?
Me: Errr .. three?
Him: Noooo nooo !! No no!!
Me: Okay okay! Er, four.
Him: HAIYOHHHHH nolaaahh, only two times okay!! Must go back to study already, this one.

There is a reason he is the Himbo. ;p

// The Bravery - An Honest Mistake

Verbal Diarrhea!!

Monday, April 03, 2006
9:40 PM

Oh my god oh my god. I feel like I totally blew my interview today and I can't stop thinking about the stupid things that came out of this unidentified organ of my body called my "mouth". What did I tell her what did I say WHY did I say that? I think at some point I even gave her the thumbs up sign? I mean- how DORKY must I get?!

Will have nightmares thinking of my verbal diarrhea. Oh why oh why must I screw up in the one interview that will actually matter? In class all HAPPILY talking non-stop until people have to yell at me to SHUT UP. And now when it matters I sat there and let shit come out of my mouth.

Say it with me comrades- VERBAL FREAKING DIARRHEA.

Going for press conference tomorrow. Let's hope I appear calm, composed and ARTICULATE. Joyyy!

/// Picture that has nothing to do with post:

Batu Caves is magnificent, smelly little thing.