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Desktop Confessional

Time Out (for myself).

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ahhhh dear Lord, finally. Some time on my hands to spend quality time with myself!

This whole week have been so incredibly busy and packed that I feel as though my eyes are going to pop out due to stress and fatigue-related incidences. Seriously, they are burning at the back of my head now and sending me telepathic messages to go take a nap.

Which I will ... after I satisfy this sudden urge to blog.

So today marked the end of all the major assignments to be handed up or presented. From now on, everything will slow down a pace or two and more importantly, I would not have to stay back in college until 6 PM just to finish paperwork. That knowledge just warms me up inside!

The only stuff left to do is the Cinema Studies thing on that French New Wave film The 400 Blows, and about two more photography assignments. And then the semester is done for HALLELUJAH. Which only means that I can officially start worrying about my internship, which BTW, have not given me a definite reply! Seriously a bit worried now bleehh.

Speaking of photography, it really isn't enjoyable to go out into KL and look specifically for a certain moment that captures the theme of your assignment. Its stressful, and when it doesn't turn out as well as you hoped it would its so frustrating because it only means that you have to go out again one of these days. And at this stage, a lot of us simply do not have time to traipse around the heat and madness that KL can bring.

Besides, its not as though inspiration strikes everytime you hold a camera so sometimes you come home completely dejected because your photos SUCK. Maybe I'm making excuses, but its the amateur in me talking.

I went to Batu Caves for assignment and to a club at night for enjoyment. The irony is that I enjoyed myself more at my assignment; climbing 272-steps and battling the deranged Monkeys of Batu Caves.

The club was overpacked and stuffy, the music was bland and the alcohol was overpriced. The fact that I couldn't stand in one spot long enough to dance before being pushed away by people cutting through the crowd was just irritating. But what do you expect, it was a Saturday night. My bad.

So it has come to this that a dingy, dark cave that smelled of guano (bat shit) holds more of my interest that a club where everything is perfect and everyone is beautiful.

Le sigh.

// The Album Leaf - On Your Way

Found this gorgeous temple where there are windows at the roof so light streams down in the most amazing way. Photos can't be used though for photography assignment for the "lack of human element."

  1. Blogger Steph said:

    Beautiful pictures! I wish there were something as lovely near me...

    Good luck with your internship! My fingers are crossed for you to get it.

  1. Anonymous groovygerm said:

    awesome photos... keep up the good work :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Excellent, love it! video editing programs

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