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Desktop Confessional


Saturday, March 11, 2006

It might as well be called that today since it was so bleeding hot! Went to KL in a last minute frenzy to take the final few photos for my assignment. I've e-mailed the project to my lecturer already. I think my photos suck, they all look so uninspired. Gargh. I am a terrible photographer- hands shaky, boring perspectives, flat lighting. And I used to think I was decent. Ptui.

Anyway, just thought I'll stop with the words and post up some pictures that didn't make the assignment because it didn't show the effects of lighting (which was the assignment topic).

In KL, I saw:

Super tired by the time I took this picture, around 7 pm. But- the day wasn't even over yet! Still had to take bloody night scenery pictures, *sulk*. The heat of the day just made my skin even blotchier than before.

1U for some yums-yums! (namely pizza)

And FINALLY ended the day at Sunway and decided on using the Resort Hotel as my subject. By this time (10.30pm, and I started the day at 7am), I couldn't care less if my subject was interesting or not just as long as it fulfilled the requirement. Lesson of the day: always take the digicam with you so you can continually take photos, instead of waiting for the last day before the assignment is due.

The bed has never looked SO inviting.
/flops on to bed in dead sleep

  1. Blogger Colin said:

    Photos are quite good, most of them

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    thanks colin :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Enjoyed a lot!
    » » »

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