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Desktop Confessional

Mirror, mirror.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The tinted mirror-ed wall in the campus' lobby where we would discreetly check ourselves out has been revealed that it isn't just a mirror with a slab of concrete beneath ... but an entire class.

Ohhh maaan the quick embarassment that crept into our faces when we strolled into the lobby hoping to catch glimpses of how we look, only to find Hospitality kids busy in their culinary lessons.

They've un-tinted the whole thing, so now both sides can see each other. Before, it was just us, looking at ourselves and preening.

So next time someone stares at us and smile, it isn't because we're hot .. it's just probably that they've seen us demonstrate our vanity in front of their whole class.



Anyway, I like my new blog template, although people have said they've felt hungry after looking at the fork&knife icon beside the titles. Well this is Malaysia people, so love your food before no one loves you (?).

Small changes are bloody fun. Big changes are however, a necessary nuisance. If there's one thing I believe, its that change is the only constant thing in life. So I guess I better get with the program before I lose my footing.

I've finished my CV (for internship)after days of tweaking around with the format and information. So far I've only sent it out to one company. My other option at the moment is this sophisticated, well-known beauty/lifestyle/fashion magazine, and I am terrified of e-mailing it. I haven't done it. I'm scared I'll get accepted and find myself so completely out of my league because, I don't even know how to do my make-up properly most of the time.

But change is the only constant thing in life etc etc, and I think I'd eventually e-mail my CV to them because being scared is such a dumb excuse.

And who knows, I might leave with my very own version of "The Devil Wears Prada".

Kidding. I sincerely, pray-to-God, hope not.

Tears for Fears - "Everybody Wants to rule the World"

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

    just don't go separating the red from the green beans like my fellow ex-intern did before I came in.. lol

    mags are the fun!

  1. Blogger ButterRoll_sama said:

    go show them what you're made of! n i know it ain't tauhu! you're the best unlike the rest! *phew...*

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    hehe i can teach u makeup

  1. Anonymous st3ph-- said:

    hey sarah! steph here...college steph..err if u still duno nvm..=)

    anyway, which lobby r u toking bout? the place where we took our student card picture?

    & for our internship, you just email ur cv to the company..did u put in a cover letter? & i tot we must call them up first asking whether r they looking for intern before sending in our cv?

    im lost...help~

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    cyber-red: you're kidding right!!

    butterroll: aww my little cheerleader. although some parts are soft like tauhu SULK SULK

    simonsta: well you are crossdresser extraordinaire

    steph: the one near the entrance for hotel school student services.. last time was like tinted glass wall but now its clear glass with a whole class inside!

    as for the CV, i did call the company first lah and ask if they got internship positions or not, and they gave me email addresses to mail my CV to. they didnt ask for cover letter though ... but i think some companies require it.


  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    i hereby publicly declare to be madly in love with this blogger sarah who is my official valentine 2006

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Hey there sarah! Hope I get to bump into u if I ever got accepted into CLEO..which is yeah, a scary prospect since I'm not a pro at it! ;p All the best in ur quest. =)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Sorry I meant pro at cosmetics lol


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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