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Desktop Confessional

If you've seen Julius Caesar ...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do you think that someone who hasn't read the play could enjoy the performance?

Cos the last time I saw a Shakespearean performance was "The Merchant of Venice" at Istana Budaya and I was COMPLETELY lost because I had never read that particular play before! Everything was just wasted on me and I felt terrible because I couldn't say I enjoyed it.

Plus .. I went with a rombongan and there were like other high schoolers from around the city there so they made it even worse to concentrate on the play what with the laughing, talking and handphones going off. The whole atmosphere was like a cineplex on a really busy Sunday. Headache.

So, if you've seen Joe Hasham's adaptation of Julius Caesar: do you think I will be able to understand what's going on even though I've never read the play before?

Help me make my decision before the play stops running ! :)

And damn, I remembered that I lost my student card when my bag got snatched. There goes my 50% :(

  1. Blogger lainieyeoh said:

    Mmm. Depends on how they adapted it as well, no? Do you understand the Shakespearian language?

    It would probably help because Shakespeare uses a lot of innuendoes and double entendres in his play, but reading up ahead on the general plot would help you enjoy it more.

  1. Blogger Regina said:

    I guess you could read up the basic plot on the Internet so that you would understand the general plot and the main characters. Wikipedia helps. You can't really stray much from there. It's generally about greed, honour and betrayal.

    Kinda like the UMNO general assembly.

    It's definitely not a light material as there are a lot of funny names to remember. However, Shakespearean plays usually focus a lot on conflicts within thyself, so expect a lot of monologues.

  1. Blogger Regina said:

    But if you wanna change your mind about 'Julius Caesar', go watch 'The Emperor's Journey' in GSC's Internation Screens. It's really really good. You gotta admit, there's nothing more adorable than a baby penguin.

  1. Blogger hyperhex.com said:


    Jeff watched it. He has something to say about it. :)

  1. Blogger c.ho said:

    hmm... i can accompany you and we'll both be lost together if it's really that confusing... i even brought my uni ID card back just in case!!! hehehhe..

  1. Blogger ed said:

    just go and try to have a good time even if you don't understand the play.

    live shows are something else, and it's always fun to watch it.

    it's not everyday you get to watch a live performance.

    just know "et tu, brute" and you'll be cool.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    lainie: well i understand shakespearean only after its been explained to me, hehe. i did macbeth for eng lit and LOVED it but i don't think i would've gotten it without massive help!

    regina: the plot i get, but to really immerse yourself in the richness of the language .. !! i'd be wasted if i didn't understand it. and yeah baby penguins woohoo.

    hyperhex: jeff knows everything. he is like google. ;)

    c ho: haha like, totally! we could totally be like bimbos there yah totally omg etc etc.

    sorry, laguna beach has bad effect on me.

    ed: true, the atmospherics of a live show is sometimes enough to make everything better. and haha, "et tu brute" is gonna be the catchphrase of the season.

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