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Desktop Confessional

CLOSING TIME! (for 2005)

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Usually, I'd write a long review of the year but I typed and deleted a couple of sentences before getting the hint that long was not the way to go today. To keep it beautifully brief, 2005 was an absolutely great year for me. There were so many firsts, and lasts and so many beginnings and endings. Wait, thats kinda of the same as 'firsts' and 'lasts' right? Hehhe.

2005 was the most fun I had since the millennium started. I turned the milestone 20, and apparently I hear 21's gonna be the killer? I can only pray that it lives up to the hype! But seriously, fun galore this year. A lot of dancing, music, laughter, friends, and singing aloud in cars. Right, I also went to Hong Kong. Was that even this year? It felt so long ago.

This year, I got my first job. Worked my arse off for 5 months as a barista in that super scary corporate coffee chain called Starbucks. I expected the hard labour, but what I didn't expect was to make so many new friends. New friends who are still baristas so I sometimes can still get discounts, haha! Aren't y'all jealous now! In that 5 months though, I grew to love my job a lot and though I had to quit due to AHEM my dad (grumble), I still dream of calling out frappucinos to the customer and making expresso shots. Its a bit odd to covet a green apron so much! But my Starbuds (omg so bloody corny), I am so glad I got to know you guys these year. Trust me, you guys made up a good part of my year. No one can possibly understand me but you guys when it comes to eh, the "Starbucks Experience". /rolls eyes :p

To Meesh, and Krystle: you girls make me wet. My love for you exploded from within this year. You were with me through the best and worst moments of the year, and you gave me so much support and laughter through it all. I tear as I write this because it wouldn't have been a good year without you both, especially. Thanks for dancing and jumping with me at Zouk, and thank you for wrapping your arms around me when my bag got snatched. I kiss you both!! Mwah mwahs!!

(OK, only half of Krystle got in but I didn't have another one BLEKS)

I am putting my hopes that next year would be good. Got my industrial training in the middle of the year, and I cannot wait to LEARN ABOUT THE INDUSTRY. Enough with the books, I'm sick of them and thank God that I've only a year left before I graduate, w00t!

Music that made my year: The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand's new album, Gorillaz's hypnotic dance rock numbers, "Bohemian Rhapsody" baby always!, Frou Frou's "Let Go", and the introduction to some pretty good dance/trance tracks. Dance's gonna be so big next year.

Music that I hope will get some recognition next year: Rachael Yamagata's, The Magic Numbers', Goldfrapp's, Hot Hot Heat's ... somebody play them on radio!

Movies that I LOVED: GARDEN STATE <3. And I don't remember a remarkable movie watched in the cinema. It's been a bad year for movies.

Top 3 resolutions for 2006 include:
1) Getting my name out there, get published, build a portfolio, build a rep.
2) DO bloody well for my final year. BLOODY WELL, okay, not just well.
3) Teach himbo to read and write.

Can't seem to focus anymore on this review because I have to get my stuff in order for tonight, so for my last post of 2005, I wish y'all a,


& Remember that every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. *sings*

  1. Blogger Vad3r said:

    heya ! Happy New Year !!

  1. Blogger ButterRoll_sama said:

    a Happy Snappy Preppy New Year to you too, sarah.

    P.S: those born in the year of the dog, be warned. i heard it ain't gonna be a good year for us canines (0_0)

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    cant really make up what you're typing .. will you read it back to me when i see you next

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    happy 2006 guys :)

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