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Desktop Confessional

CLOSING TIME! (for 2005)

Saturday, December 31, 2005
1:41 PM

Usually, I'd write a long review of the year but I typed and deleted a couple of sentences before getting the hint that long was not the way to go today. To keep it beautifully brief, 2005 was an absolutely great year for me. There were so many firsts, and lasts and so many beginnings and endings. Wait, thats kinda of the same as 'firsts' and 'lasts' right? Hehhe.

2005 was the most fun I had since the millennium started. I turned the milestone 20, and apparently I hear 21's gonna be the killer? I can only pray that it lives up to the hype! But seriously, fun galore this year. A lot of dancing, music, laughter, friends, and singing aloud in cars. Right, I also went to Hong Kong. Was that even this year? It felt so long ago.

This year, I got my first job. Worked my arse off for 5 months as a barista in that super scary corporate coffee chain called Starbucks. I expected the hard labour, but what I didn't expect was to make so many new friends. New friends who are still baristas so I sometimes can still get discounts, haha! Aren't y'all jealous now! In that 5 months though, I grew to love my job a lot and though I had to quit due to AHEM my dad (grumble), I still dream of calling out frappucinos to the customer and making expresso shots. Its a bit odd to covet a green apron so much! But my Starbuds (omg so bloody corny), I am so glad I got to know you guys these year. Trust me, you guys made up a good part of my year. No one can possibly understand me but you guys when it comes to eh, the "Starbucks Experience". /rolls eyes :p

To Meesh, and Krystle: you girls make me wet. My love for you exploded from within this year. You were with me through the best and worst moments of the year, and you gave me so much support and laughter through it all. I tear as I write this because it wouldn't have been a good year without you both, especially. Thanks for dancing and jumping with me at Zouk, and thank you for wrapping your arms around me when my bag got snatched. I kiss you both!! Mwah mwahs!!

(OK, only half of Krystle got in but I didn't have another one BLEKS)

I am putting my hopes that next year would be good. Got my industrial training in the middle of the year, and I cannot wait to LEARN ABOUT THE INDUSTRY. Enough with the books, I'm sick of them and thank God that I've only a year left before I graduate, w00t!

Music that made my year: The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand's new album, Gorillaz's hypnotic dance rock numbers, "Bohemian Rhapsody" baby always!, Frou Frou's "Let Go", and the introduction to some pretty good dance/trance tracks. Dance's gonna be so big next year.

Music that I hope will get some recognition next year: Rachael Yamagata's, The Magic Numbers', Goldfrapp's, Hot Hot Heat's ... somebody play them on radio!

Movies that I LOVED: GARDEN STATE <3. And I don't remember a remarkable movie watched in the cinema. It's been a bad year for movies.

Top 3 resolutions for 2006 include:
1) Getting my name out there, get published, build a portfolio, build a rep.
2) DO bloody well for my final year. BLOODY WELL, okay, not just well.
3) Teach himbo to read and write.

Can't seem to focus anymore on this review because I have to get my stuff in order for tonight, so for my last post of 2005, I wish y'all a,


& Remember that every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. *sings*

10 Things About Xmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2005
11:09 PM

I know its Christmas when ...

  1. My dad plays his entire Christmas season CD collection, which includes the Big Hairs of country music The Judds, Australia's pride Air Supply (don't judge, Brad Pitt thinks they're cool), the Big Hair of instrumental music Kenny G, and the Unforgettable Man himself, Nat King Cole, among others.
  2. My grandmother, Uncle A, Aunt C, Cousin B, and grandmother again call from Unmapped Territory (ie Seremban) to confirm attendance for Christmas Dinner tomorrow.
  3. I can sit in the living room without switching on the TV. I just stare at the tree. So purrdddy, the lights.
  4. Arguments over petty things like why the Milo tin is uncovered increase because a house is not meant to stand all family members together in one place for a prolonged amount of time. Scientific, proven fact.
  5. Hallmark becomes the favourite channel because of their selection of movies with basically the same plot, all involving Santa Claus- whether it be Santa is Single, or Santa doesn't want to be Santa, or Santa got problem with the missus, or Santa's young son is a troublemaker. But the endings are why you watch them, who cares about the plot! Warm and fuzzy owns on Christmas.
  6. Handphone is suddenly a sex toy potential with the way it is vibrating with SMS-es.
  7. Singapore actually becomes a desirable place to be, due to show-off Orchard Road lights.
  8. You can chant "ho ho ho" in Chow Kit without being mistaken as a pimp.
  9. People in service industry and F&B line forced to wear Santa hats by management.
  10. I am struck with either feelings of extreme goodwill, cheer and hope OR nostalgia, and pangs of worry because in exactly a week, it is a brand new year. This year, it is the former! Yay! Goodwill! Cheer! Hope! For everyone!
And though its been said
Many times, many ways

Merry Christmas to you!

Mission Impossible.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
10:24 PM

The car is alive and well today but,

I sprained my right toe! And I am limping away like a geriartic with arthritis! It is not fun. To go the distance between where the car (previously dead) was parked and the clinic took me a full 10 minutes.

This is the fourth time something has happened that stopped me from applying for MyKad. Right now it feels like I am just not destined to make it.

Its proving to be mission impossible.

But die die also must go on Friday, even with swollen foot. But I have a party on Friday night, and I just hope it wouldn't be too rushed! Or that the pain would've gone down by then.

Sigh. Karma.

Too early.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
8:21 AM

I am up at 8.22 AM (sacrilegeous for student on holiday) with nothing to do.

Actually, I've been up since 6.30 AM, as I was supposed to be finally heading to do MyKad. I was all pumped up and jumped out of bed, and even put on make up and a reasonably quick pace. I even had the sense to have breakfast (peanut butter + tea, yums) which I usually don't have because ... well, I am almost never up on time.

By 7.10 am, I was ready to leave. I stroll jauntily with my mom to the car. What could go wrong, la dee da! Everything has been great so far.

Until my mom put the key into the ignition and the car just. would. not. start.

We try it for 15 minutes, before we force my brother out of bed so he can do male things like lifting up the hood and looking at ... stuff below the hood.

The. car. still. would. not. start.

I sit at the passenger and read my magazine, with the sort of selfish determination/hopefulness that the car will start, it will it will it will.

At 8 AM, my mom and brother gave up and decides that we'll wait til 10 AM to call the mechanic.

So here I am. 8.30 AM, 1 1/2 hour to go til the Great Mechanic Saviour of Cars get called on ... and just bloody wishing that I could just go suffer the long wait at PJ State for my MyKad because I am already all dressed up, with nowhere to go.

Anything so that I wouldn't have to wake up at 6.30 AM tomorrow, or any other day before semester reopens.

/crosses fingers for mechanic to be brilliant.

Random acts of blogging.

Thursday, December 15, 2005
12:52 AM

Starbucks is getting way too much of my money. It pains me that when I was working there, I hardly patroned it outside of work but now that I've quit- and more importantly LOST MY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT- I'm going there every week! Tonight, Starbucks wins again. Then again, we did sit there for like 5 hours, and just talked. Oh well?

Instead of going for Heineken Greenspace (how was it Nazrul?), I hung out with my high school buds. I loveeee these people. I love that we can not talk for months, and when we do get together, we talk so much and er, so loud. Seriously, people stare at us when we talk or laugh together because its just ... obnoxious at times. But I love them. Friends since we were in our primary school pinafores; been through high school together and laughed through it .. up until now and we're still going strong. <3 Remind me to get a picture of us one of these days.

Speaking of pictures, I have to pick up the camera again. I miss walking around with it perpetually in my bag. Although I am freaking thankful that it wasn't in my bag when it got snatched. That would've been the shittiest thing ever. This blog is getting mighty dull without visual stimulation, I have to admit.

I don't think I know how to camwhore anymore. People want to take pictures and I actually go, "No lah. Shy." A year ago, I would've slutted it out for the camera. Now I can't, not because I don't want to, but because I just do not know how. :(

"My Super Sweet Sixteen" is the worst show on television. Spoilt brats who think being 16 makes you special and grown up and blowing $250,000 on a BIRTHDAY PARTY and who are bloody rude to their parents. Jealous, who me? Of course noooootttt.

"Madagascar" is very disturbing to me because the lion wants to eat the zebra. A friend wants to eat a friend. Does anyone else think that mortifying? Cannibalism almost.

Speaking of cannibalism, did anyone hear of the joke where the cannibal dumps his girlfriend? THINK ABOUT IT, and tell me if you get it.

I miss my college friends. Huge party on the 23rd so I'll see them soon enough.

I am happy at this very moment.

And sleepy too. Goodnight.

I heart Oprah!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
2:45 PM

I've been in love with Oprah since forever. Of course we have our bad patches, where I have college to go to or people to hang out with that I don't get to see her as often as I want to, and I'd miss her and stuff. But then there are those amazing periods as well, where she is my main motivation for waking up before 1 PM, and my love for her triples because she is a source of neverending good information, fun and fact.

These days, we're going on strong! College is out, friends are working so I have no distractions from spending time with her. Seriously, you do not stay on television for TWENTY FREAKING YEARS if you ain't some sort of goddess. Why do you think I am obsessed with her? She is a goddess, baby, a goddess. In times of trouble just ask yourself, What Would Oprah Do?

Today, I learnt from the goddess that I'm probably wearing the wrong bra. In fact, 8 out of 10 women are, and those are big odds! So the first thing I'm going to do when I hit the malls next is to get myself properly fitted, like Oprah says I should because it'll make me look so much hotter. For this Christmas, what I want is a great bra that is fitted puuuurrrfectly. I've seen the magic of a good bra on Oprah, and I believe it it!! Testify!! Etc.

On another note, I'd probably be verrrrry insecure if I lived in the USA. Women there have huge knockers, OMG!! A D cup in Malaysia is already such a wonder. On her show, there were women- and real women, not models or celebrities or whatever- who walk around with double D cups, E, F, G and the biggest was a freaking H (for "Hot")!! That's so unfuckingbelievable. H is ginormous! My mind is just flooded with images of the meaning of HUGE KNOCKERS now, and also I've been watching repeats of America's Next Top Model 3 and one contestant, Toccarra, has boobs the size of actual melons.

Observe, this is Toccarra on a recent spread:

More here, and probably NSFW.

So you see what I mean. All you C cuppers in Malaysia- SO WHAT ?!


Friday, December 09, 2005
3:36 PM

Earlier this morning, I had the best dream since .. I forgets when. It was a semi-wet dream. Semi, because it failed on the part where its supposed to be wet. But it was getting there! It was. And I suppose I shouldn't whine because "getting there" seems to be quite accurate of reality. Heeh.

The dream was very real. We were in my bedroom, I can be sure of it. At some point I wasn't even aware it was a dream because the whole night I've been drifting in and out of consciousness, so the state between being awake and dreaming was hard to grasp.

Skin on skin is still the most amazing feeling in both the conscious and unconscious world.

In fact it was so real that I was conscientious enough to ask him to get a condom before we got more into the damn thing.

Unfortunately, that was when it stopped because he left to get it and never came back. I slowly understood it was a dream, and when I opened my eyes and saw that it was 11.48 AM, I felt so incredibly short-changed that I forced myself back to sleep so we could finish what we started.

But it never happened, and now I feel extremely duped.

(I really like Kanye West and Adam Levine doing "Hear Em Say")

If you've seen Julius Caesar ...

Thursday, December 08, 2005
6:53 PM

Do you think that someone who hasn't read the play could enjoy the performance?

Cos the last time I saw a Shakespearean performance was "The Merchant of Venice" at Istana Budaya and I was COMPLETELY lost because I had never read that particular play before! Everything was just wasted on me and I felt terrible because I couldn't say I enjoyed it.

Plus .. I went with a rombongan and there were like other high schoolers from around the city there so they made it even worse to concentrate on the play what with the laughing, talking and handphones going off. The whole atmosphere was like a cineplex on a really busy Sunday. Headache.

So, if you've seen Joe Hasham's adaptation of Julius Caesar: do you think I will be able to understand what's going on even though I've never read the play before?

Help me make my decision before the play stops running ! :)

And damn, I remembered that I lost my student card when my bag got snatched. There goes my 50% :(