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Desktop Confessional

Angels sing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Semester 2 is OVER, baby!

Although the marketing exam was the shittiest of shit.
Rest assured I made it up with spending too much money lahh!! Guilt, what guilt?
Movie, donuts, coffee (my love!), clothes (love you too, darling), food again..
But it's all worth it- I feel like a million bucks now after indulging myself in instant gratification.
So today!! Today I laze around, watch some tv, take like a dozen naps and eat because tomorrow is going to be HECTIC. Whoever's going to be at Upfront- I will see you there.

Anyway, time to start the Great Bumming by watching tv. It's 12.15 PM and I haven't washed up or brushed my teeth.

Life is grand.

Smile like you mean it my loveliessssss <3

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    remember we had this talk about my addictions to non harmful substances that were not addictions in the first place, and about you changing your blog template. maybe u can look into that now. the blog template that is. i seriously am slave to no substance but the Rah.

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