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Desktop Confessional

The Living Death.

Sunday, October 30, 2005
7:56 PM

I found myself, over the weekend, coming to terms with the fear of death. As I was walking through the cemetary my grandfather was buried in, all that could be seen were fresh flowers, melted candle wax and the muddy footprints left behind by strangers. If that said anything, it was the subtle assertion that living isn't about what you yourself went through, and how you came to your untimely end. Living, is so much more profound that one individual's life cycle. Its the memories you built with everyone else, the moments you shared with other people. I suppose in a nutshell, your legacy. Even death, as powerful and all-mighty as it is, is unable to overcome it.

I'd say it once and I'll say it again: all you need is love. ;)

Quick fixes.

Monday, October 24, 2005
9:25 PM

I should be studying, but I am easily distracted and even easier to be made guilty so I decided to compromise by blogging inane pictures.

I've been really behind with my life these days. A lot has happened that I just can't find time to document and remember to jot down. The past weekend has been the most gastronomical since FOREVER. I ate like a pig, and oh how much fun I had doing so. I went back to Seremban, possibly the hottest, dryest state this side of the Peninsular. So hot that they only get water on every alternate day! KL-ites should stop complaining about the rain. Compared to scorching heat and vile humidity, rain is a blessing of the highest order.

I also discovered that one year old babies have more happening parties than me. Oh, woe.

Anyway, I've said enough, pictures should telling the stories now. Sorry there's so few! I'm too lazy to resize anymore (besides, no Photoshop). You'd just have to bribe me with food and coffee for more.

Where's Sarah (TM) ?
(I have stupid paraphernalia on my head. I just decided to cram everything unimaginable for the group photo!! Image credit to Stephanie!)

Matty, I believed, should've won Best Dressed. He came as Rastafarian Caeser High On Weed. Trust me; it is funnier than anything you can imagine even when high, hokay.

I would've won the style awards back in the Musketeer-ing days. I mean, see how well I carry off floppy hats!!

Reading: Tash Aw's "The Harmony Silk Factory" and Organizational Behaviour textbook.
Listening: Roxette, the best thing to come out of Sweden after Ikea.

Sunday, October 09, 2005
11:23 PM

The state of Malaysian media sometimes depresses me. I look at the field I will be venturing into in about 2 years and I feel ... excited, and yet put off by its redundancy.

Fly FM disappointed me. Before its grand launch a few days back, I had so much hope for them. They played interesting music, and the lack of advertising made them GOD SENT. Of course I understand eventually they'd fall into the trail of destruction that Hitz walked on with 1001 senseless ads in an hour .. and that would still be bearable if music was still good. Imagine my disappointment when now, after tuning into them for almost a month and a half, the only songs I remember them playing are:

Bow Wow - Let Me Hold You
Pussycat Dolls - Doncha
Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes

I mean COME ON. They can't possibly think that listeners want to listen to crap they can easily tune into on some other frequency. What is the point? You're just jamming the airwaves even more with the same crap. The only consolation is that I haven't heard Simple Plan ... I want to add an ominous "YET" but I will give the station more credit.

I could be too pessimistic. Its new, and it could grow into something great. I've certainly heard some truly impressive tracks that just could not be found on any other channel. But if any Fly FM execs are reading this: do something with this sudden deterioration in music selection. I'm not asking for completely weird, bordering on pretentious, so-called elite music but it would be nice one day, to come back from college, turn on the radio and OMG, IS THAT THE VERVE ON RADIO? And it isn't Bittersweet Symphony!

Please consider it for the future of Malaysian radio.

Don't call me corporate whore anymore!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005
1:03 AM

Ladies and gents,

I've just worked my last shift as a barista. I feel as though an era has come to an end (if eras last 5 months). Still, that isn't completely a bad thing. I mean c'mon, there's a limit to how many lattes or mocha frappucinos you can make. 'Sides .. change is a positive thing, I've always believed. So who knows what I can do with my time now? I've been thinking of applying for a part-time position in a magazine that I admire. I've done my resume, but all I can't seem to do is gather courage to e-mail it to them.


Part of that stems from the feeling that I think they will laugh at my amateur (un)skills. But everyone has to start somewhere, and if getting laughed at is my first step- I should take it. That said, if you know of anyone in need of a part-time writer, let me know PLEASE. Now that I am unemployed, my bank account will be very lonely. Pity lah that fella.

This past week has been MAD, in an entirely good way. I went traipsing in the heart of KL and bought like three damn freaking nice bras, and undies, for RM26! SUFA RM26? That can't be right!! But it is. And I know you're thinking they must be granny underwear, but oh ho ho ho. You couldn't have been more wrong. La Senza can kiss my arse.

I will be back with less shallow posts ok !! Stop hounding me !!

BTW does anyone find it funny how Rafidah Aziz is like being bullied? Feels just like school where everyone ganged up on the awkward kid. I mean c'mon, attendance also being taken! It's so LOL material. I'm beginning to really like Malaysian politics- cheap entertainment.