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Desktop Confessional

Stark ranting, raving mad.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Despite how grateful I am that gods of tech and innovation have brought our society so much forwards with 1001 new inventions every freaking day, I cannot for the life of me genuinely say that I love technology.

It makes my mood swing more than PMS x 1000.

I hate it when Streamyx is down or slow, which in my case, seems to be forfuckingever.

I hate it when I need broadband to do research and it isn't up, refer to above.

I hate it when my computer lags.

I hate it when my printer jams on me for no reason, which happened today.

I hate it when my splitter seems to be rosak, which happened today.

I hate it how irrational and annoyed everyone seems to generally get whenever internet access is down. Case and point, Starbucks' wi-fi is down due to some server maintenance up at Time Zone. Result: hundreds of disgruntled, let down, customers walking huffily out of the store with a certain sense of depravation in their bloodshot eyes.

At this point in time, the end of the world is probably NO INTERNET.

Its fucking scary lah what technology, or the lack thereof, or even the malfunctioning thereof, can do to people, corporations even NATIONS. Remember the Millennium Bug? Sent the world into panic, while batteries and torchlights laughed all the way to the bank. (Not literal lah)

The term "double edge sword" doesn't ring truer to me than when it comes to technology. I think the reason why I get so upset when it isn't working properly is because it's become so entrenched into my daily life that I just assume that it'll be there for me all the time, like some sort of extension of me. And that's just scary considering that we're talking about machines here.

I need to get away for a really long time in some remote island, where I can just disconnect from all the wires, cables, plug-ins and what not.

I'm also deeply suspicious about this new empowerment that traffic policemen are getting over us. It's possibly the worst road to go down amidst all this talk about no corruption, no graft, no bribe, no this and that. That's Malaysia for you, one step forward and two steps back.

It's just been a really stressful day!
Now I need to get back to my stupid assignment.

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    is it that you hate tech or that you've grown attached to it so much that you feel empty and disappointed when it fails on you ;) uik ! i hate it when ur broadband fails on you too :D

  1. Blogger humblewarrior said:

    Wait! So which one is worst...no broadband or school?

  1. Blogger ed said:

    it's quite liberating to unplug for a while.

    when i went back to kl last time, i went without emails and cell phones for a whole month. barely watched tv either.

    felt absolutely weird for a few days, but then it felt awesome. i actually laughed at everyone around me with a cell phone.

    then i swore off cooked meat, electricity and lived in a tree.

    ok, so the last sentence wasn't true.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    simon- i think i worry that im too attached. unhealthy ya know?

    humblewarrior- lol, at this point i think both are equal on the suck factor :S

    ed- i envy my dad. he has no regard for his handphone. he could go for days without checking it. i want that freedom!!

    but hes also a hermit so how!?

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