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Desktop Confessional

Balancing act.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Semester reaching its peak and slowly losing momentum in terms of assignments, presentations!!! 1 individual assignment, 1 group assignment and 1 more test and I won't have anything to worry about!! Oh wait. Finals in November. Okay, after that REALLY nothing to be worried about!!


Singapore in November!! (Hopeful)

1 more week of being a barista left. Boo hoo. Will miss making hot chocolate - because its the most aesthetically pleasing of all drinks. Really. The whipped cream and chocolate sauce reminds me of Christmas. If you take hot choc without whipped cream and choc sauce, you're a PANSY! Be a (wo)man! Do the right thing! Hot choc and whipped cream were destined to be together , why you tearing them apart? :(

Wednesday night: Mambo Jambo Tribute to Michael Jackson. Oh yeah. Better go practice all the crotch grabbing, "wee-hee" moves soon. It's going to be so great I can tell- imagine just going crazy to the "The Way You Make Me Feel". Sweetness.

Meesh cut my hair in the campus toilets today. I bet people waiting thought we were two lesbians having a quickie. With a weird fetish for hair. Hmm.

Songs that I have been listening to non stop lately:
1) The Killers: All These Things That I've Done (Mantra: I GOT SOUL BUT I'M NOT A SOULJAH!!)
2) Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc and DARE (I swear they are secretly infusing some sort of hypnotic demonic spell in their music which lulls people into a state of frenzied dancing. Because dance is what I do with these songs.)
3) Frou Frou: Let Go (listen to this when you feel the world is coming to an end. "Cos there's beauty in the breakdown". Superb stuff.)
4) Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict a Riot and Everyday I Love You Less & Less (in cahoots with the same dance demons suspected of aligning with Gorillaz)
5) Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out (OMG THAT DAMNED DANCE DEMON IS EVERYWHERE! Its the Trump of the demon world. That is if Hell is New York City.)

Malaysian Idol Finale- Ok for the FIRST TIME, Daniel didn't make me want to shoot myself in the eye.

Got myself a new PC!! BOOYA! And getting an MP3 player once I've scouted around for the right one. Now I can bring my music everywhere!! (And annoy ppl with my singing even more.)

Looks like I'm a pretty balanced all around individual after all.
Heh :)

  1. Anonymous damion said:

    kaiser chiefs - everyday i love you less and less is good music..
    the MV is a nice one... :D

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    i am a pansy - allergic to whip cream

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Thanks for serving the nice icy new drink.

    I walk in to the counter, and when i chin up, I saw a glimpse of you and I thought u look familiar, and immediately I took a peep.

    Apology for not introducing myself, and I just get on with what I was doing.



  1. Blogger sarah said:

    damion- havent seen the music vid but its one happening song

    simonkins- hmpf

    yitweng- did i take your order? or made your drink? lol. say hi if u see me next time!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    yeah, you took my order but ur colleague made the drink.

    it was a nice sunday afternoon. There were 4 of us, 4 ordinary soul. Don't think we were anywhere outstanding for u to recognise

    Oh, I meant to say "I took a peep, at the counter, to see ur name" - cos at the cash register ur name flashes. :)

    Gosh, sounded quite bad there, didn't it! :p


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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