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Desktop Confessional

Juicy bits.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Getting free copies of JUICE magazine on campus is probably one of the few good things about going back to class. There's nothing better to do in class than to not pay attention to the neverending ramblings of Pug Face (term of affection for a certain lecturer), and quietly flip through the magazine. Of course, it gets a bit depressing once we hit the section where they show all these beautiful people partying and getting high and laid and generally having fun, whilst you're stuck in a lecture theatre with no air-conditioning. JUICE has recently gone modest by pixelating boobies. How embarassing to have your breasts pixelated for everyone to see. But on second thought, it would suck to be dressed in your best cleavage enhancing top, have your picture taken by JUICE photographers, have picture published and NO PIXELATING NEEDED. Potong stim.

It is very cold outside and my water heater is broken. Now that's one way of potong-ing stim.

  1. Blogger simonsta said:

    my latest issue of JUICE had the words BOING and such written on cleavages. i bet circulation numbers will drop. please shower.

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