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Desktop Confessional

Monday, July 11, 2005

It's a glorious day to be indoors. A thunderstorm has just passed, and everything is wonderfully cold. I napped through the whole thing; wrapped up in my comforter and falling asleep steadily to the rain falling down. The sound of raindrops is the perfect bed companion. No snores, no hoarding the sheets, no awkward sleeping positions that you can't get used to. Just pure comfort- plain and simple. If this isn't bliss, I don't know what is.

Did I mention that college reopened today, and I was at home?
No work later as well.

It's a glorious day to be indoors. ;)

One of the films that stuck to me last year, surprisingly, was 'The Butterfly Effect' which starred Ashton Kutcher. Prior to watching the film, I knew vaguely that it was about the protagonist going back in time to fix the things that went wrong. At that time, having not read any reviews, I idly thought that the mistakes he wanted to fix were all romantic since Amy Smart was his love interest and all. Besides, it was Ashton Punk'd Kutcher. It had to be a romantic comedy, right?

I watched it in a group, right after the end of my exams. We all wanted some mindless entertainment to lose ourselves into, and I pushed to watch 'The Butterfly Effect'. Begged, even. Said it was sure to be funny.

I was very wrong though, as 20 minutes into the film we realized that the movie was not the mindless romantic comedy we were all hoping it would be. There was the notion of child pornography, intentions of blowing up a dog, kids killing kids.

"Sarah you bitch," my friend hissed from down the row in the dark cinema, "this isn't funny!"

However, as the film escalated to its climax, I found it to be one of the better films I saw throughout the year. Maybe it was because I was expecting one thing, and got something ENTIRELY different. Maybe it was because I completely underestimated Ashton Kutcher. Maybe it was because it was the ideal that things happen for a reason, and that you can't really change what has come to pass.

I loved the ending, especially when they used Oasis' Stop Crying Your Heart Out to close the movie. It was a brilliant touch, and I started to cry. Not my heart out, but definitely did let one big fat teardrop go.

My movie review came in like a year too late, but I just felt like writing about it after my iTunes shuffled the next track to be Stop Crying Your Heart Out. BTW, the film has two endings. Imagine my delight when I was watching it for the second time and something new happens. Damn refreshing. But the first ending was much better. The second ending was just ... stupid. Strangling yourself with your umbilical cord?

Messed up.

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    Yeah i thought it was a good movie too. Wasnt quite what i expected. Your description of the rain just had me yawning and ready for bed. haha. Wish it rained more in Melbourne. Nothing like cold weather, mist covering the skyscrappers, and staying in bed under piles of blankets. Simple pleasures.

  1. Blogger Vernon said:

    Damn. Really need to watch it. Caught the trailer many moons back and thought it was cool.


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