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Desktop Confessional

"Be Yourself ... Only BETTER!"

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Everytime I see a blue tshirt with those words boldly emblazoned on the back, I want to laugh. But I just went for a session today, and indeed I am myself ... only half-dead, I reckon.

Right after working a 7 hour shift, rushed to meet friends at the nearest Fitness First gym to make use of our free trial passes. I hereby confess that I am a chronic free pass abuser. Everytime that I have used the gym, it was because I had a free pass. I'm not surprised if my name is blacklisted in a little logbook they have somewhere. I'm simply too poor to join them officially; maybe when I start working properly.

So with blisters on my feet from walking up and down the store, making and serving coffee, washing up and attending to people, we stepped into the Body Combat class. It is teh shit, I tell you. Damn fun. I haven't exercised in a long time, so I struggled to keep up for the first 15 minutes. But my body readjusted after a while, and I felt the familiar sensation of an accelerating heartbeat and the blood rush .. and from then on it was just smooth sailing.

I didn't dance through secondary school to be defeated by an hour long class!

But I admit, my motivation lied in the determination to not be beaten by people twice my age and an overweight gay dude in a pink midriff top, love handles a-rolling.

Cannot wei. I'm sure the gay dude is a nice person but I simply will not quit and admit defeat, and stand in one corner while he shakes his jelly to the beat. No freaking way. So everytime I felt like my legs would give up on me, I looked at him and pushed myself to continue. And it worked like a charm.

Body Balance was another story altogether now. My friend, a member, said it was "damn relaxing". Relaxing my head lah. I huffed, puffed and rolled over dead in that class.

I believe Body Balance is a combination of yoga, pilates and something or the other. I simply cannot balance. Everytime we were told to balance ourself on one foot, while extending our arms, I would stumble left, right and center. I CAN'T BALANCE! Inner ear problem!! (Or just simply, lacking focus. Happens. I get damn distracted by the stupidest things)

The only part that I liked was when we lied down and stretched. That felt really good. Like a jakun I wanted to laugh when the instructor proceeded to lie on his back and spread his legs apart, and kept encouraging us to "spread it wider! Put your hands between your thighs!"

Giggle, giggle. I can't help it. Sexual euphemisms awaken the schoolgirl in me, bwahaha.

Life seems to be outrunning me these days. I can't seem to catch up with all the Moments that happen; that spring themselves on you unexpectedly and are gone so quickly that it leaves me with hardly any time to wonder what just happened. Ironically, I've never been more fulfilled.


xox, sarah.

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    You got to grab life by the horns and enjoy the ride. Nothing quite flying by the seat of your pants. Enjoy it while it last and survey the damage after its over. :)

  1. Blogger Matty said:

    Hey woman :P Our plans to Yamcha before the start of college has apparently..failed. sighs :P How do you feel about going bck tho? *SIGHS* No prezzies for guessing how *I* feel :P But am excited to meet you guys again tho

  1. Blogger Albert said:

    EEE I've seen the gay pink dude. Or the pink gay dude.

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