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Desktop Confessional

Wild World.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Star newspaper had a horrible story for a headliner today. Reading about it scared me to death, but most of all, it made me feel so bad for the poor people that the bastard wronged.

I can't imagine how it must have been like to go on a holiday, excited and looking forward to new sights and sounds, only to be tied up, raped and sodomised in your hotel room. And if that's not the worst part, the fucker doesn't even wear a condom. Add to the emotional trauma of being raped, now his victims have to deal with the possibility of getting AIDS.

Motherfucker. I would gladly castrate him with a chainsaw.

The discussion of rape and rapists came up often during my diploma days. Being in a class where women outnumbered men by a significant ratio, rapists, in our opinion, deserved no sympathy. There were always cries for chemical castration, or for lifetime prison sentences. Right now, the law differentiates simple rape and aggravated rape, the latter being rape that involves,

  • gang-rape that involves more than one rapist;
  • rape that occurs in the commission of a robbery;
  • rape that is committed by an assailant who knows he is HIV-positive;
  • rape where the victim is threatened with weapons; and,
  • rape where a person in a position of authority or trust commits the crime on a subordinate.

    What do I think? Rape is rape. No simple or aggravated about it.

    Everyday women go through some form of sexual assault, be it minor or major. It doesn't even have to be something as horrifying as rape, but how many of us are leered at, our chests being openly stared at by strangers? Everyday, thousands of women get lewd catcalls from idiots by the street, who wind down their car windows as they pass us just to holler something stupid, with the typical sexual overtones.

    You might think it's not a big deal, and its just for fun, but let me tell you that it scares us. We might act angry or insulted; some of us just brush it off because it happens "all the time, it's normal", but deep down we are afraid. Sometimes I read all these stories, and I think that it could never happen to me. But experience has taught me not to overestimate my invincibility, and that it very well could.

    Working the graveyard shift one night after closing the store, I waited alone at 1 am for my brother to pick me up. It would only take 3 minutes, and I reasoned that I didn't have to keep people waiting for me and asked them to go ahead home, much to their reluctance.

    Big mistake, as within the 3 minutes I was alone, a taxi from across the street wound down his window and started hollering loudly at me. It slowed down to make a U-turn up on the road, and I swear that for that one moment, I was suddenly aware that yes, bloody hell, it could happen to me. I ran up the lighted pedestrian bridge, and stayed there so I would be out of the taxi driver's sight when he came down my side of the road.

    Thankfully, the next car that slowed down belonged to my brother, and I've never been more glad to see his bespectacled face in my life.

    No one's really safe anymore, so fellow females, do take care and always be aware of what surrounds you.

    Girl Power (?)

    1. Blogger simonsta said:

      agreed but err .. dont expect anything from our politicians - their busy commenting on MAS stewardess' attire. isnt rape a crime of anger

    1. Blogger ryuu said:

      yes please get pepper spray or something

    1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

      As i guy i sometimes do forget that some spots in the city at certain times which women might not be comfortable with. Horrible to be living with such fear all the time though.

    1. Blogger Regina said:

      It is true. No woman in the world, no matter how powerful or strong, can read reports on rape without flinching or having that slight feeling of fear. And that is sometimes what is so biologically unfair about us. That resistance is almost always futile.

    1. Blogger Kawa said:

      Get a taser and aim low. Below the belt low.


    1. Blogger jasmine said:

      don't feel too bad having the other partners wait with you... better be safe than sorry.

      take care girl.

    1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

      Kawa...ouch dude. no guy can read that without flinching.

    1. Blogger meiteoh said:

      Like I told me dad, people like that guy don't deserve the death penalty (too kind). I'd chop off his dick with a butcher knife, cauterize the wound with a hot poker and dump him in prison to let him be raped and sodomized by other inmates. After all, rape isn't about sex - it's about power. Let him taste his own medicine. Stupid SOB.

    1. Blogger faridz7 said:

      wow all alone at 1am? do take care eh

    1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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