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Desktop Confessional

Wild World.

Thursday, June 30, 2005
3:47 PM

The Star newspaper had a horrible story for a headliner today. Reading about it scared me to death, but most of all, it made me feel so bad for the poor people that the bastard wronged.

I can't imagine how it must have been like to go on a holiday, excited and looking forward to new sights and sounds, only to be tied up, raped and sodomised in your hotel room. And if that's not the worst part, the fucker doesn't even wear a condom. Add to the emotional trauma of being raped, now his victims have to deal with the possibility of getting AIDS.

Motherfucker. I would gladly castrate him with a chainsaw.

The discussion of rape and rapists came up often during my diploma days. Being in a class where women outnumbered men by a significant ratio, rapists, in our opinion, deserved no sympathy. There were always cries for chemical castration, or for lifetime prison sentences. Right now, the law differentiates simple rape and aggravated rape, the latter being rape that involves,

  • gang-rape that involves more than one rapist;
  • rape that occurs in the commission of a robbery;
  • rape that is committed by an assailant who knows he is HIV-positive;
  • rape where the victim is threatened with weapons; and,
  • rape where a person in a position of authority or trust commits the crime on a subordinate.

    What do I think? Rape is rape. No simple or aggravated about it.

    Everyday women go through some form of sexual assault, be it minor or major. It doesn't even have to be something as horrifying as rape, but how many of us are leered at, our chests being openly stared at by strangers? Everyday, thousands of women get lewd catcalls from idiots by the street, who wind down their car windows as they pass us just to holler something stupid, with the typical sexual overtones.

    You might think it's not a big deal, and its just for fun, but let me tell you that it scares us. We might act angry or insulted; some of us just brush it off because it happens "all the time, it's normal", but deep down we are afraid. Sometimes I read all these stories, and I think that it could never happen to me. But experience has taught me not to overestimate my invincibility, and that it very well could.

    Working the graveyard shift one night after closing the store, I waited alone at 1 am for my brother to pick me up. It would only take 3 minutes, and I reasoned that I didn't have to keep people waiting for me and asked them to go ahead home, much to their reluctance.

    Big mistake, as within the 3 minutes I was alone, a taxi from across the street wound down his window and started hollering loudly at me. It slowed down to make a U-turn up on the road, and I swear that for that one moment, I was suddenly aware that yes, bloody hell, it could happen to me. I ran up the lighted pedestrian bridge, and stayed there so I would be out of the taxi driver's sight when he came down my side of the road.

    Thankfully, the next car that slowed down belonged to my brother, and I've never been more glad to see his bespectacled face in my life.

    No one's really safe anymore, so fellow females, do take care and always be aware of what surrounds you.

    Girl Power (?)

  • Blogger's block, be gone!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005
    12:32 AM

    You make me wanna la la.

    Or rather, free CDs and payday makes me want to la la.

    (Okay; I just quoted Ashlee "Texas Jig" Simpson.)

    Free CDs, because I did some freelance reviews for a website some months back, and now I get to keep the ones I reviewed. I'm esctatic for the Snow Patrol one which I can finally call mine. "Final Straw" (name of the album) is seriously an amazing record. Every track is memorable. Sort of like Coldplay's "Parachutes". Absolutely beautiful. And speaking of Coldplay, I have (x1000) to get their new album "X&Y" as soon as ..

    PAYDAY (deserves caps) comes along. Which would be either tomorrow, or on Thursday. Just thinking of it makes me giddy with happiness. I'm already counting my chickens before they hatch- I want new clothes. I want a huge, obesity-driven meal at Chilli's, complete with dessert. I want a movie marathon (Batman Begins, Hitchhiker's Guide, A Lot Like Love, War of the Worlds- fuck me, it's a dream). I want to treat my parents to dinner. But mostly, I want new things. Materialistic, I am.

    Port Dickson is where I will be tomorrow, as I go for my first "company trip", so to speak! I can't for the life of me remember the last time I was there, despite calling Seremban my hometown (it's more of my dad's hometown; I'm KL girl born and bred, yo). I can't wait- BEACH, HERE I COME! Yalah I know lah polluted and all, but nevermind. I hope we're staying till sunset. Sunsets at beaches never fail to make me feel like everything's going to be alright.

    The customers amuse/annoy the hell out of me.
    Amused: The ones who smile back, and thank you. Who looks at you with no disrespect. (Believe me, you can tell who thinks you're beneath them just because you're serving them.) The people who engage in conversation, and understand that during peak times, service would be slower. Basically, HUMAN BEINGS WITH COMPASSION.

    Annoyed: Ugh, where do I start? People who bring in vouchers AFTER the expired date, and can't seem to understand why I can't give them the discount. They will then start comparisons; "Ooooooooh but xxx place has no expiration date! Why yours got? XXX place better lah. (Nag nag nag.)" Then go there, you fuckwit. After a while, I give them the discount anyway, just to get rid of them. I don't want to stereotype but seriously lah, all the times that this has happened, it has been a Chinese person. Why are we so hard up on a bargain, why!

    I've already mentioned the next: people who think they're better just because you're serving them. OMFG. My fake smile has never gotten more practice than when dealing with these buggers. Their inability to even acknowledge us when we greet them, thank them and talk to them amazes me. Get some manners, please.

    I've also been molested by one regular, who has a reputation for being all touchy-feely with female baristas. It just threw me off guard. One minute I was talking to him, the next I was being tickled and touched around my waist. WTF. I always thought I would know how to act in strange situations, but this threw me off-guard. One: he's a regular. Two: He seemed normal. Three: Maybe this was his demented version of friendly.

    And last but not least, fending off customers who try pick you up. It's harder than it sounds. I must be the hardest working barista around as I am "working lah on that day." It's even harder when they're regulars, meaning you see them every once in a while and you have to make excuses again.

    On a last note: Have fun at the PPS Bash! I really want to come, but can't because I'm working.

    Eh that sounded like The Excuse Given To Fend Off Customers. But for real this time.

    Also, go to Drama Queen Simon's blog.