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Desktop Confessional


Monday, May 30, 2005
5:19 PM

Educate me:

What on earth are BlogShares?


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Coldplay said: God gave you style, God gave you grace; God put a smile upon your face.

But sticking out your tongue is so much funner.

My digicam konked. I cut my hair short (I actually dislike long hair; too typical). I bought 2 Stila LipGlazes for RM63. I mopped the floor. I went to work. I haven't showered. I'm listening to Forgetful Lucy from Adam Sandler. I kinda smell.

The exciting life and times of being me.

Daddy dearest.

Saturday, May 21, 2005
11:30 PM

The eternal battle between Overprotective Dad and Growing-Up Daughter rages on. Lately, my dad has been making very annoying comments on the way I look and dress. His argument is that the way I dress will attract a lot of attention. Mind you, I don't really dress in ANY way that'll garner that kind of reaction. I can't see where he's coming from, honest to God.

He makes a big deal about my earrings. They're very big, he says, adding to the more-attention-factor. I'm trying very hard to figure out how big earrings will turn men on. I've come to dead ends so far. He hates the fact that I'm losing weight. I tell him that I don't know what's wrong with my body, it's doing this losing-weight thing on its own (not that I mind lah :p). I eat like a horse, I bloody love my food. So really, I don't know what's up. But still, he thinks I'm starving myself purposely. I am noooooottttttttt. I kinda don't have the will to. One will only have to shove food in my face and I will succumb.

He dislikes my job as well. He thinks Vincent Tan fixes my schedule so that I do closing shifts. It's actually pretty funny when I think about that argument.

"They're exploiting you lah girl! That's how Vincent Tan operates! Etc etc. Bla bla."

I'm not mad. I know what's this about. It's classic ain't it? His only daughter, his little girl- growing up way too fast for him. It'll scare anyone who's ever been around since I was a kid. I just hope I have enough patience to take all the irrational arguments in.

I wonder what'll happen when August comes around and I blow out 20 candles on the cake.

On a happier note, I am working tomorrow and it's freaking triple pay because it's a public holiday! Also, I fixed my favouritest necklace. For fiddy cent 50 cents! Kingdom of Heaven was .. okay. The day I see Orlando Bloom wearing jeans in a movie will be a unique moment in movie history.

Have a brilliant Sunday everyone. Even if it sucks, you still have Monday to make up for it!

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I do SO exist.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
4:03 AM

Blogging has opened up my inbox to a lot of amusement:

how r u?
i am faisal karim . i saw u on website. u r ok . i don't want to engage with perfect stranger as I am bit coward.prove your identy.



Just so you know, I'm not a 45 year old man with a beer belly.

I haven't been online much (hi Nadiah, I'm still alive woman!), but thank you all muchly for the get well wishes in the previous post. I'm healthy again, although my legs still have allergy rashes on them. They were so bad a week ago! I contemplated chopping my leg off because I was depressed by looking at the ughley-ness.

My friend from forever (read:13 years) is back from the States, and will be around for 4 months! Hence, why I'm still awake at 4-ish AM. Spent the better part of the night talking non-stop and glugging teh ais with other ex-schoolmates. So in the space of 3 years since secondary school, people I know have gotten married, given birth or ended up dating each other.


And what have I done? Nothing, except contemplated chopping my ugly leg off. Go me!

I hate my body.

Sunday, May 08, 2005
8:06 PM

And I don't mean it in a ranty, 'oh what big hips' I have kinda way. (But yes I do have hips.)

Friday was my last training day and it pretty damn long one (9am-6pm). I had developed a slight fever the night before and by the next morning, my entire body was aching in joints and places. But. I am determined. I will go for this last damned class. So what if the air-cond is enough to kill me, I shall shut up and take it like a woman. Not to mention if I skipped it, I would have to wait maybe another 3 weeks :(

Anyway, felt sufficiently stupid during the entire class because could not concentrate on how to properly make espresso and didn't have enough strength to squirt whipped cream into perfect circles. Ugh, damn malufying to be not able to do things well. Thank god the learning coaches were nice and hid their impatience well.

Came back and fell into a dead sleep. Had to drag myself out of bed to go see a doctor where I am told that I have a very high fever/viral fever of 104 F. SHITE. Not when my first official shift is on Monday!!

(At this point, future employers should really take note on how much I put work above my own personal health.)

The doc tells me to drink lots of liquid because I might have dengue, but it'd be too early to go for a blood test. She hands me some nondescript blue pills. Nothing suspicious.

Turns out the motherfucking pills were Panadol! Dear readers, before you wonder why I make a big deal about paracetamol- it's because I am allergic to them. Woe. Everytime I have a fever, headache, whatever- I just have to suffer and wait til it goes away.

It did bring the fever down but now my body is lobster red with rashes and so freaking itchy. This is the most uncomfortable and sick I've been in years.

So I switch to Ponstan (first time popping one), which helped here and there. The bad part is that the fever reoccurs after every 5 hours or so. So I have to continuously take it.. and take it.. and take it.

When will this end? :(

Morning trivia.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
7:55 PM

Today, donned in full uniform, I joined the millions of people packed together on Malaysia's notorious public transportation to go to The Place Where My Training is Going to be Held. So yeah, people within inches of my face- fine. Butt to crotch with some random stranger- hokay!

But then some idiot looks at me and asks, "Hey, are you a brarista?"

Heeheehee. For a minute there I almost wanted to concur.