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Desktop Confessional

Smelling like java.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jeezus, whoever said being a barista isn't just about making coffee- I SO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN NOW! It's not just making coffee alright; you're practically marrying coffee, setting up a family and saving for its college fund. Bloody tiring, bloody all-encompassing.

Bloody brilliant ;)

I count myself lucky to be working somewhere I really like, and with people whom I genuinely respect. True to the culture of the organization, these people are really genuine and friendly. I know I know .. it's only been a few short days so I shouldn't really count my eggs before they hatch, but I'm liking it so far and in the event that I may start disliking it in the future, I will just tuck it away it a corner because I am Cleopatra.

(Cleopatra, Queen of The Nile- Denial! Queen of Denial, geddit? Hahahah. Er. Ok crap that was freaking lame.)

The best thing about working where I am is that I meet on the average of 2 people daily, whom I am already acquainted with but haven't seen in aeons. Only today, this junior from high school came up to me and said hi. I couldn't really remember her name, but I knew for some reason which college she went to. Yeah, couldn't remember her name but remembered her college, go figure. It's the little details that count after all, eh?

But it's a great feeling seeing someone whose face used to be so familiar. And the fact that I can say, "hey sit down, let's have a brief chat over coffee (cheh wah plugging the coffee already)" is .. so warm and fuzzy. If you don't already know, I am someone who lives for conversation so this is right up my alley.

Also, today, I have been imparted the great knowledge of what goes in the coffees. Miahahaha. I hold a few of life's great secrets in my little notebook ;) I should probably have it insured, heh heh.

Right, going to watch American Idol now and lust over Constantine. He is just so.. grrrrrowl. Ripoffclothesandall.

Edit: Just watched AI and now I feel like I was born in the wrong era. Hmpff.

  1. Anonymous Ben said:

    where? hehe

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    i've been reading your blog for awhile now and i've always had this feeling i sorta know you from somewhere. finally realised where from when i sorted through my old pics. brats langkawi?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    omg your new layout so cute!!!! sheep with wings!!

    haha yeah brats langkawai, that'd be me. drop me an email if you have time, we can get reacquainted. :)

  1. Anonymous ben said:

    u must've missed all the other banner images i had before the sheep with wings -_- visit more larr :P

  1. Anonymous mrkiasu said:

    Don't judge so fast loh, you need a couple of months to see the real faces of everyone. Initially they will treat you nice, that always happen.

  1. Blogger dezy said:

    Dropped in from over The Hustler's site and so in light of giving compliments, I would like to compliment you on your writing and site which is very accessible and easy to read.

    Have you not come across any cute guys working at a famous coffee place? I'm sure that's an added bonus to working with friendly staff and getting paid at the end of each month! As a customer at Coffee Bean, there are some definitely cute babes about...

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