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Desktop Confessional


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This is just stupid. The Malaysian blogging scene is like a little carnival at times, filled with freaks and amusement rides to thrill the young ADD patron. So The Hustler has decided to call it quits after apparently, receiving a spate of hatemail in his inbox. Now shit, why were hatemails sent anyway? I would just like to ask- what did he do to warrant your stupid emails, and why it mattered so much to you anyway whether what he posted up was faked or not?

It wasn't like The Hustler's blog carried information that was pivotal to the fate of the nation or the destiny of humanity. It was a fun blog about sex, and the various sides of it. It has never claimed to be anything more than for entertainment, for a laugh, for amusement. Was there any need to turn a molehill into a mountain? Hey, it isn't like The Hustler was paid by contract to write for people. So why get so worked up when he disappoints? Geez, have a sense of humour, please.

So now he has quit, and I wish him all the best. It's a pity though, because his was one of the better blogs out there. It's completely unfair that the crap blogs still exist, and are continued to be run by annoying, know-it-all, grammar-butchering owners who are just desperate for hits, and only that. But what can you do eh. What can you do.

  1. Anonymous San Sunny Blue said:

    Gee, what a shame, that i've never been to The Hustler before. Let's not be bothered about hate mails, it's the people who send them deserves them more.

  1. Blogger Vad3r said:

    i hope im not one of those crappy, annoying, know-it-all, grammar-butchering desperate for hits bloggers :|

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    san sunny blue: good point. :)
    vader: you're not of 'em, no worries! maybe one day i'll post up links but then again, i don;t want to start a blog war for nothing ;)

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