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Desktop Confessional

Monday, April 04, 2005


My dad has painted one kitchen wall a shade of Coral Blush and the other, some weird pastel-type green.

C'est horrendous. C'est ugly. C'est looks like a kindergarden.

I told him tactfully that it wasn't really working for me, and that he should either repaint it the same shade of Coral Blush (which is actually quite nice), or plain white. Will not be like my mother, who in effort to support her husband, grins and bears with ugly, clashing colours.


Will post a picture if I have the heart.

  1. Anonymous bayi said:

    Did your Dad just read Alice in Wonderland? :)

  1. Blogger Saffron said:

    That's why you never let people with Ys pick the colours. They're great for slapping on paint, but never let them pick the colours.

    Maybe this is something for you to do on your long break. :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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