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Desktop Confessional

Where the sun shines, please.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bukit Bintang on a lovely, sunny day

Ho hum. Doodling on scrap paper when I should be concentrating on Accounts. I want to be out. Out shopping, out eating, out driving, out with friends. I am now forced to be antisocial and keep inside my room. Pretending to study, but really just singing along with the radio.

Like my friends say, "When does sarah not sing?"

It's true- I have a tendency to sing and hum eveywhere. I study with the radio on, telling myself it's "background noise" but really, I'm just waiting for that one song to totally distract me. I sing in class, much to the annoyance of the person next to me. And I don't even sing that good- I think all this has to do with how I can't shut up properly. I hum during exams, because it makes things more bearable. My mind is like my iTunes; randomly shuffling through songs.

Don't you hate it when you're completely into a song and don't know the lyrics? Terrible, terrible. Ohgawd, I hate that.

I think I'm slowly losing my mind, blogging about nonsense like these. It just proves how much I want to be out right now. I want sun! I want Vitamin D (from sun)! I want leisurely lunches with friends!

AXN is going for the triple threat with CSI: It's Miami on Monday, Las Vegas on Wednesday (after Amazing Race 7) and New York next month. Whee- next month, when I'll be on holiday.... and out!

Speaking of Amazing Race, my loyalty lies with Amber and Rob this time. Mwahaha! So what if I hated them on Survivor; they make excellent tv. Rob should continue bribing every Tom, Pedro, and Lee (depending on location) for all I care.

I wonder if Phil Keoghan ever gets tired of explaining what a Detour and Road Block is. Because dear lord, I'm tired of listening about them.

On the American Idol side, MARIO VAZQUEZ LEFT THE BLOODY COMPETITION. Like, WTF? WHY? You were so amazing, Mario, why did you leave?! So what if you might be a closeted gay- we don't care! Come back! *sobs* How can you mend my broken heart? :(

And there you go, the 3 reasons I would leave my room for. I'm a TV junkie, make no mistake about it.

I watched Ray yesterday. Mygod did the movie run on for about 4 hours?? It felt like that. Very long movie, but superbly acted. You can see why Jamie Foxx won his Oscar.

The music was fantastic. I dug out my dad's Ray Charles boxed set after the movie. I got a little giddy when I saw "Produced by Ahmet Ertegun" .. I don't know why. I'm aware the movie's a biopic but, somehow it didn't quite register that it was a real story. So when I saw Ahmet at the back of the box, I was like, "Woah, it's all real and he's Turkish."

Seriously. What am I writing. I better leave before it gets worse.

  1. Blogger xman said:

    i watched Ray recently as well - such a great movie, loved every long minute of it! u should watch Jamie Foxx's stand-up shows too, damn funny!

  1. Anonymous mrkiasu said:

    Like me, i am kept inside the room for nearly a year. Never gone shopping for nearly a year. Studying is so difficult, thesis make me so frus.

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