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Desktop Confessional


Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a tough weekend to endure!

Still have so many readings to sort through for my Comm for Social Development and Comm and Culture exam. Both very, very essay-oriented so it's unfortunately, essential that I go through the mountain-shaped pile of readings. Getting very tired of them now. Everything they say is predictable. Everything sounds the same. How am I expected to write a one page plus essay with points that just repeat each other?

My grandma's in the hospital again. This time, she slipped and fell during tai chi, and hit her head or something. I think she'll be alright; that's what everyone says. Weird thing is that they put her in ICU. What for, right? But I'm pretty sure she'll be fine.. anyway, will be going to visit her later today.

I would really, really love to go to Zoukfest, which begins very, very shortly. (About an hour plus). But it would be wrong. Conscience will be torn up over my studies, and would be disrespectful to my grandmother.

Wish my brother would hurry up home and give me my McDonald's. The whole thing screams comfort food.

"I'm sh-sh-shaking it, sh-sh-shaking it." Haven't heard this song in ages; Rooney makes the most infectious music.

Everyone have a good weekend now.

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    it's sad indeed and i feel for you. but from wht i read, i believe your gramdma will be ok. and the exams will pass. and mcdonald's is great comfort food but don't indulge too often lah. seek solace elsewhere.

  1. Blogger LiEw said:

    i didn't go to zoukfest too. i heard it sucked. that's a good news for me!

  1. Anonymous johnson said:

    hey sarah could've sworn i read this entry somewhere before. am i seeing double ? huh ?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    my brother didnt get mcds for me. :( hmpf. no christmas pressie for him.

    i heard it sucked too! yay for us!

    do you mean a certain LJ dude with a food-ish name?
    i read that, and i wondered as well.
    the interesting thing is that he apparently updated it at 4.34pm.


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