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Desktop Confessional

The Beautiful Letdown.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Everything's more interesting in retrospect.

Dear readers, how's it going? I'm on holiday right now, but before I go on- don't think the holidays involves me lying by some exotic beachside, sipping pina coladas while a bronzed Greek god slathers sun tan lotion on my back.

Ah such wishful thinking :(

I've been home, sleeping in and making up for all the sleep debt I've accumulated over the last few days of the semester. I feel good, refreshed, but I am fairly certain now that the eyebags will never go away. At 19, I am doomed to a life of looking like a blood relative to the panda, and not even half as cute.

It was a very.. interesting day I had yesterday. Those who know me will know that I use the word 'interesting' very generously and broadly. I use it when things are truly interesting and new, and then there's another way of using it: said almost hesitantly, with a big pause before the word. Blame it on a lack of a vocabulary, and a refusal to admit, right out, that I had a tough one yesterday.

But I've said it- I had a toughie yesterday. But like everything that was hard, and that bums you out, you always, always learn something. Over the years, I have learnt that shit happens and that's inevitable, but the more important thing is that you must ALWAYS learn something from it. It must always be a life lesson, or it simply becomes a haunting regret.

I'm not quoting Hallmark here, I am truly serious. :)

In retrospect, don't you always tell yourself that you "should have seen it coming", or "should've known" in some way or the other? Truth is, these kinda things can only be learnt once the event has come to pass. Otherwise, we live in denial; so content with our short-term happiness and so blissful in our ignorance.

Heh, it feels like we're playing a game of 'Spot the Cynic'.

Well, like a gloomy cloud that temporarily shades the sun, I woke up to a beautiful morning today. The sun is shining, but miraculously, it isn't hot enough to give you sun stroke. C.S.I is coming up in a few minuts, and tonight- I will be getting a beautiful slice of Heaven (as in Ghetto Heaven at Zouk) with a few of my bestest friends.

Life's so funny. One minute you're down, the next- you're up and raring to go.

I love you guys. Thanks for reading me :)


  1. Blogger Celestine said:

    "The Beautiful Letdown"... sounds like a song by Switchfoot! :D

  1. Blogger sarah said:


    haha. it is lah.

  1. Blogger ryuu said:

    i actually smiled when i read the bronzed greek god part. hehe

  1. Anonymous Jon said:

    Haven't found the shit happens hallmark card, but it sounds beautiful.

    - Silent reader.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    ryuu: haha aw, really? why, do u wish to be rubbed down by a greek goddess as well?

    jon: a shit happens hallmark card. i would buy 10 of them to keep for a rainy day ;)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Excellent, love it!
    » » »

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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