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Desktop Confessional


Monday, February 14, 2005

I have this money plant, that sits on my dresser next to my decade old stereo. It's been with me since I moved into my room, and can be considered the most successful of plants ever lived in the Chan household; second only to our grass (or rather, lalang). Every other potted plant has lived shortly, and slowly browned and died. But no, not Sarah's Money Plant.

As I lay there- tossing, turning and cursing the Chinese tea I had for dinner- I noticed that it had begun to wilt, due to me ignoring it whilst I was in Seremban for the festivities, and possibly because it's been inhumanely hot these past days. As I filled up a bottle of water and forced watered it into the plant, I knew that tomorrow it would be okay; its leaves would be refreshed (as they say in Bio, 'segah') and all would be green.

Thought: Wouldn't it be fantastic if all people needed to revive their lives was a bit of water? Disconnected friendships, dying romances, dysfunctional anything .. renewed, recharged, reborn. If only we were more biologically simple and organic, eh?

Just for the record, today's weather is highly insomniac, with bouts of contemplation, intertwined with contentment.

Also, I ripped that style off Chuck Palahniuk. Read his book, Diary and it was a mindtrip. I probably need to get some sleep as I need to look nice later on for my Valentines. It is, after all, as Nadiah (or was it her friend) would say- Singles' Awareness Day (SAD). ;)

  1. Blogger Matty said:

    heyo! ;) you're not the only sad sob who's part of this HUGE S.A.D club~ but really, we shouldn't be this pessimistic. It's simply a reminder of when true love will set in. (it's a matter of time, not if). ;) cheers

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    You finished Diary already! Pfft, I have no time to read.

    They were charging 11.90 for a single rose at Watson's today, I think. How stupid could you be to buy one of those?

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