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Desktop Confessional

Essential living, and laziness.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

So lazy.

Too lazy to wash the stinking pile of crap that sits upon my head that I call 'hair'.

Try to place self in shoes of the people on Survivor who would crawl through mud to get their filthy hands on a bottle of shampoo.

Too lazy to open Islamic Civilization textbook.

Try to tell self that there are only 4 chapters left to go .. sooooooo cloooooose to the end sarahhhh.. hang onn..

Too lazy to go grocery shopping.

Try to convince self that will be home all next week and will need brain food, fat food, comfort food, good-for-you food to continue on studying and sustaining.

Now back to your normal way of blogging.

Exam season hath begun! My heart trembles at the mere thought, and I find myself with abilities to predict the near future. I see myself hunched over notes, delirious with lack of sleep and muttering little points to myself while the clock strikes 4 AM. It's the best, most accurate prediction I've made and I feel it in my bones that it'll be true.

Your procrastinating ways will have to be punished!

Karma is a bitch, it really is.

Already I find myself not thinking about the upcoming papers but insted, on what I would be doing after Hell (ie exam week). I have a long ass break, think mid March to as late as July (college is undecided whether it should be June or July). So I'm thinking that I should get a job, earn some of my own money, start my own savings account and at the end of the break, go somewhere where I can make full use of my hard work.

My dad FINALLY sent the Volvo, which has been sitting on the porch for MONTHS now, to be serviced. What this all really means is that there'll be a car for me!!

And my brother, admittedly. But yay- it feels great to be able to fight with my brother over a car that sits on your porch, ready to be driven, than to yearn for a car that your parents' have taken to work and you can't even beg for it because bringing in income to the household is far more important than frivolous lunch and dinner dates with friends.

What about the haze eh, KL-ites? I woke up for extra classes yesterday and wondered, "WHY THE HELL IS IT SO GREY?" I thought it was a particularly overzealous session of fogging. Dengue cases on the rise, after all. But it rained like it was back in the days of Noah and his ark early this morning (3AM). I should know; I was up, still reading Islamic Civilization and getting terribly afraid of the lightning.

So the haze has cleared, but the weather still remains intent to kill you slowly with sunstroke.

The tool for essential living in this heatwave:

  1. Anonymous Jayelle said:

    lol!! aiyah, what about aircon?

  1. Blogger cyber-red said:

    only 4 more??? I did only 2 chaps so far.. bravo to me =)

  1. Anonymous kirks said:

    That wuz a great photo of the fan.

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    Volvo equals coming out to KL more! :)

  1. Blogger earl-ku said:

    hey i have the very same fan ... but the flaps are in pieces la ... would always knock it off the table wan...

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