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Desktop Confessional

What's in a name?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Technicolour Lover.

That's my MSN screen name, and has remained that ever since I first started using MSN Messenger. I've gotten a lot of questions over the years, mainly "WTF is a technicolour lover anyway?". And the fact that I hardly change my screen name seems to pique the curiousity of more inquisitive people. So here is the meaning, before anyone asks me YET AGAIN, wtf is my obsession with colour.

It is a song, by now-defunct band New Radicals- a band which I really liked when I was 14 or so. Remember that song, You Only Get What You Give? Yes, that was them .. or rather, him, because the band is really just one person (Gregg Alexander). And! He's the writer and original artist who came up with Someday We'll Know. Not that Mandy Moore cover thing. I still have his debut album ("Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too") somewhere in my room. Probably hidden under a large dust bunny.

It's got the best lyrics. Ever:

She came from a world that is so far out
Roller skating into my life I never had no doubt
She asked where to get that velvet colored hair
I said I got lot's more somewhere
If you touch my big ___

And she said I come from a world that is so far out
And I said so do I
And she may not be the world's solution
But she's a world class revolution

Technicolor Lover
Rate my heart
Technicolor Lover
Sate my heart
Technicolor Lover
Take my heart...now

Oh. Me and my dirty, dirty mind. ;p

And since we're on the issue of names- my parents wanted to name me Beverly. Beverly. OMG, I can't think of a name more wrong for me. I got lucky though. My brother? Not so lucky. His name is Irving, and it's a good thing he's cooler than his name suggests.

You'd think that you yourself would make a better decision with a name suited for you than your parents, right? Not so the case with me. At 16, I had to choose a confirmation name (being Catholic and all), which will be like my middle name. I left it to the last minute and in a moment of desperation and a completely blank mind, chose the name Amanda. Now that's a nice name on it own, but my friends were like, "You're so not the Amanda!". I wonder what would have been a better choice, though?

But hey, at least my name isn't Elgin Baylor Lumpkin- which is the unfortunate real name of rapper Ginuwine (aka Gizzle). Or Engelbert Humperdinck, who actually wanted that name over his real (less laughable) name of Arnold George Dorsey.

(But he was, silly name aside, quite famous back then and his name, and ONLY his name, lives on til today.)

  1. Blogger reallybites said:

    sarah is a nice name,serioously.i like the name christine too,but its too common now.okay,the only reason i like it is coz i like the name Chris for guys.

    p/s : ever thought of using haloscan comments? troublesome to login to blogger before being able to post comments.lazy me.

  1. Blogger LiEw said:

    damn good song. sounds a bit cacatfied in a good way...

  1. Blogger earl-ku said:

    i see, and i though the song was by mandy moore and jonathan foreman .... gregg alexander huh?

  1. Blogger kItttttt said:

    Engelbert Humperdinck has marvelous voice. mr. romance. right now it's all mr and ms casual sex. and everyone goes like eeyer, what a name. or wah u so old one ah. tho it's not official my dad wanted me to be aloysius. then mum saved me with alvin. they dont' appear on my birth cert tho. i'm quite happy with kit

  1. Blogger C.J. Fusco said:

    "I said I got lot's more somewhere
    If you touch my big ___ "

    ... starring Tom Hanks?

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    that was awesome...

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    reallybites: i like the name Chris for guys as well. actually, i like all the boys' names with 3 syllables, ie christopher, benjamin, er. what else? basically the two!

    LiEw: haha probably why i like it so much; cos i'm cacatfied in a good way (i think) as well. ;)

    earl-ku: yeap :)

    kItttttt: the name aloysius is interesting, i think. then again, i have a thing with 3 syllables. :)

    C.J. Fusco: if i touch Big Bird.

    ah the double meanings.

    bayibhyap: what's awesome? but awesome;s good, regardless. :D

  1. Blogger C.J. Fusco said:

    Speaking of names, I am a guy but have a first name that usually only belongs to gals. Any guesses?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    no wonder you go by CJ.

    cat? (herine)

    forget the C, whats the J for?

  1. Blogger C.J. Fusco said:

    Cortney Joseph Fusco

    The only time it's a problem is the first day of classes when the Prof. takes attendance. I always get a few snickers then, and diffuse the situation by saying something like, "It's okay, you can laugh, I know it's a girl's name." That always gets a laugh, and nobody really seems to care after that.

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