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Desktop Confessional

The Reason.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bloggers go through a stage, where they question the very existence of it all. (The existence of their blogs, that is.) I suppose it's a lot like, quarter life crisis, mid life crisis .. god man, when did people become so neurotic that there are so many "life crises" out there??

Anyway, before I start digressing.. As I was saying, we go through a stage where we wonder why we even blog in the first place. It started out as a bit of fun didn't it? Updating stupid, irrelevant things that you assumed nobody would care about, like say, your cat who can flush. However! Soon the feedback start coming in ("Your cat can flush?!") and you think, "Wow, people do care about my toilet-flushing cat. Maybe they'll care to know more about how I milk the cat." Etc. [By the way, I totally ripped that off Meet the Parents and its sequel, so if you haven't seen either, you should probably get on it yeah? ;)]

Then, blogging becomes this consuming itch. Everyday, get online and open up your blog and read your favourites. Go to Petaling Street, and see what new updates have been ping-ed. As time wears on, you change blog templates, or work round the clock in creating one that'll be a visual feast for your readers. Or, the more experienced blogger might decide to move address.. bored of its old home, annoyed by how much they can't say due to their popularity with readers, which sometimes include people you know personally. Some, just stop. Cold turkey. Perhaps tired of the flame wars, or just plain bored. Change is inevitable after all.

Now why do I blog? Simply put, because of emails like this:

Dear Sarah,

Trying to put to rest a long-standing concern, and to avert potential social embarrassment, I googled "pronounce fillet-o-fish". The only site on the whole web containing the phrase was your livejournal! Congratulations.

The question of how to say the name of this most deviously titled fast food item has troubled me for years. I've never actually eaten one, nor have I visited a McDonald's for years (since becoming vegetarian, in fact), but the idea of eating their salty fast food has been gnawing subliminally at me. In a bid to find out whether there is anything veggie-friendly at McDonald's (because I am one of those silly vegetarians who eats fish), I examined their site (where the phrase 'pure beef' appears more frequently than in a wrestling commentary) and was reminded of that brave little fillet. There was not, however, any sign of a pronunciation guide. This made me afraid of going into my local McDonalds -- staffed by a spotty cockney London teen -- and making a fool of myself by saying poetically "fee-lay" instead of the hard, streetwise "fee-let". "You what?" I imagine him grunting back at me.

But your journal has cleared it up. Thanks. I shall go to McDonald's and order my fee-lay with pride.


(Now if there is anyone who can send an email as funny/witty as that, do fire them my way.)

And that dear readers, is why I blog. It makes me laugh. And, as it was in the beginning and still is now, a little bit of fun.

PS, thanks Iain.

  1. Blogger Kamigoroshi said:

    No fair...I never get emails like that. Then again, I never put my email on my blog anyway...:)

    Well...at least you can say...you blog changed the life of someone. Imagine...how traumatised he would have been if he kept going to McDonalds pronouncing Fillet as fil-let...and had people laughing behind his back.

    You saved the life of someone.

    Be proud of yourself girl...:)

  1. Blogger c.ho said:

    gee.. that's nice to get such an email. kekeke.. interesting i have to say. mmm.. it is interesting how everyone goes through that "why do i blog?" stage isn't it?

    you know another thing that mystifies me? is that not only do new zealanders prounounce fillet as fil-letbut they also pronounce buffet as buf-fet. "???"....

  1. Blogger hyelbaine said:

    All i can say is, keep on posting! Blog on ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  1. Blogger anjali* said:

    Just blog to your heart's content till you don't wanna blog no more...It's funny how I was just feeling the same way this whole week. Hey, these blogs will outlive us one day :-)

  1. Blogger LiEw said:

    the guy who wrote the mail was really thoughtful...hahaha.

  1. Blogger Resurrected said:

    Hehe, nice email :)
    For me blogging is an outlet. It's a nice thriving community, we get to interact with people we wouldn't have been able to without blogs. And it's a good way to keep in touch with friends.

  1. Blogger xman said:

    don't stop blogging babe..

    if u do it'll be one less blog that i frequent everyday ;)

  1. Blogger Albert said:

    Eh odd I thought it was spelt 'filet' around here... which could be why he found your less-common spelling. However, if McDonalds were to ever introduce an unpronounceable food, I'd order its value meal.

    "McValue Meal 8 please!"
    "Oh, you mean the (insert pronounciation here)."
    "Yeah, that one."

    I have learnt the pronounciation of Minestrone that way. "Number 32 please..."

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    aw, such encouraging words. thanks guys, i'll defnly be blogging til indefinitely (damn, i need a thesaurus soon.)

    and albert, that's a pretty smart way of figuring out pronounciations of strangely spelled food items.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Nicely said :)


  1. Blogger kItttttt said:

    perhaps, having an audience is a feeling better than being loved. but of course, i want both. i'm sure so does most ;p

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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