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Desktop Confessional

Life in Fabric.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to work off my restlessness by taking a good, hard look at my closet. As always, it was in a mess and initially I just wanted to rearrange and fold the clothes I so lazily dumped inside. And then I thought, why is it that I always have nothing to wear with this many clothes? It doesn't make sense. As I sat and stared at the insides of my wardrobe, I realized tht 70% of the stuff I have, I don't even wear anymore. So that was when I decided to donate that 70% to the people who really need it, namely the victims of the tsunami disaster. I figured since I'm broke and in no way able to help in funds, I might as well help in the smallest way I can- giving away my clothes.

And as I sat for 2 whole hours throwing the clothes into categories of wearable, and WTFWasIThinking, I surprisingly had a very interesting time reevaluating the pieces of clothing I once owned, the stuff I use to live in, and the stuff that I can now wear since certain body parts have arrived.

I threw this two into the donation category, tags on and all. I've never even worn these items. One was a mistake I made on an impulse buy, and tht gray sweatshirt thing was a Xmas gift that I lied through my teeth and said I liked. I don't know what my aunt was thinking. We live in Malaysia- what are the chances that I may need a sweatshirt?

Erm. I have a soft spot for beagles, hence why I like Snoopy so much. I think that was my pajamas when I was like, 7 or so. I still wear Snoopy to sleep- but in the form of big, baggy plain t-shirts. Not this weird blue, green, thing from the 80s. And erm, when I was 14, I used to walk around with Chuckie (of Rugrats) on my back. Which is weird cause I don't even like Rugrats and Chuckie has red hair.

When I was 12, I was very materialistic and brand-conscious. I liked wearing brands, and it didn't even matter if I hated the design, and it was unoriginal. Like that "Tommy Hilfiger" and "Nike" shirt on the left. Bought from our beloved Petaling Street, and never worn. Now, I could care less if what I wore had a label. And about the Linkin Park shirt- I WAS 16, OKAY! They were hot back then and I thought it was cool to advertise a band on my chest. Ugh ugh, flashbacks. *grimace*

Left: My favourite shirt when I was still much of a tomboy when I was 13-15 years old, and on the right: my very own What Was I Thinking?! top. UGH, the colours, the geriatric stripes! Both went to the donation pile.

And then there were those that I could not bring myself to throw:

That white shirt with black scribblings on it was the shirt I brought to school on the last day of Standard 6. Everyone I knew signed on it, and if you would observe to the right, contains archived Grade A 12 Year Old Humour. Whoever wrote that message must have had a crush on me back then, according to schoolkid psychology. And :D, my huge South Park shirt (bought when I was 13). My dad didn't allow me to wear it because of the words at the back, but if only he'd watch South Park he'll know that I think drugs are bad, mmmmkays? ;D

It's not much, but by the end of folding it all, I felt very tired and strangely contented. Went to bed, greeted by freshly washed bedsheets and slept with my buddy John Mayer by my side and in my ear. Probably the most comforting slumber I had this whole year, which is, well, 2 days.

"Am I living it right? Why, Georgia, why?">> John Mayer

ps: Um. Does anyone know where I can deposit all these clothes? When I woke up I realized I didn't know where to send it. :S

  1. Blogger Vad3r said:

    no skeletons in ure closet? :P

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    it's quite a fun activity, looking thru our old clothes. i feel guilty when i do it because i realise my habit of impulsive buying becomes stark clear. and inevitably i have to pack off my new clothes to give away.

    but more interestingly, each piece tells a story. now, what therapy was it that i needed when i bought that crazy shirt? :) and the ties too. i love bright ties but not too loud. t-shirts from all the places i visited. wow. what a collection of memories.

    i think the buying part was as enjoyable as wearing them, if i ever did wear them. :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    hey, jolene here. Merry christmas n a happy new year to u! just to let u know if u wanna donate the clothes, give me a call and i'll let u know where u can send them too. i just donated shit loads of clothes too.call me k. see u round

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Vader: ahahaha. touche. not in closet; i carry them to the grave.

    bayibhyap: haha. bright ties eh? how bright, is bright? lime green? (oh dear.) :D

    jolene: hey, thanks! but which jolene is this? :s sorry yeah, have about 3 jolenes in my phonebook.

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    Bright and striking, but never gaudy. :)

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