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Desktop Confessional

Blistered feet.

Monday, January 03, 2005

I'm finding it such a joy to blog little notes, instead of one long essay. Good for the ADD, I reckon. I went to Midvalley to look for a pair of jeans and a bag, and I finally found what I wanted- but dammit, combined, the two cost more than I could afford at that time. Disgruntled, I went ahead and bought .. shoes. Which was something I totally did not need. So here I am, almost 10 hours after I left home, with no jeans, no bag but a new pair of shoes and RM60 poorer.

Plus, blistered feet because I wore the shoes immediately, trying to break them in. (And also becuase they were beautiful)

Meet the Fockers was the funniest thing I've seen in a long while. There you go- sarah approved, if that has even ANY bearing ;P. Dinner at Chili's was, as always, fantastic. OMG we had a little swoon moment when we spotted some guy that appears in a hellotta advertisments. I took one look when I walked into the restaurant, and practically jumped on the seat that was opposite his table.

The bad thing is, I think he saw me laugh while food was still in my mouth. Shite! :D

"Mom, you were riding him like Seabiscuit."

  1. Blogger xman said:

    happy new year sarah!

    i watched Meet The Fockers as well the other day, hehe hilarious movie and up to par with the first one; i dont remember the last movie that made me laugh that much!

    eh, i also got some old clothes to donate and blur on where to send it lah (?)

  1. Blogger c.ho said:

    to prove how slow nz can be with movies..

    i have heard no mention of 'meet the fockers'. it is currently non-existent in nz..

    aside from that...

    i'm very very very very much looking forward to shopping when i get back to malaysia.. there is nothing to shop for here in nz.

  1. Blogger Vad3r said:

    Dun TALK or LAFF when ur mouth is FULL !!

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    from what i have read, this pair of blistered feet seem to be the happiest that i know of.

  1. Blogger Stupe said:

    did u bite the shoes? it was told to me in order to prevent the shoes from biting you (ie blister), you should bite it first.

    I didn't do it, and hence, am still getting bitten by me shoes...

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    xman: i know, the "milking the cat" thing was LMAO quality man.

    well, the clothes are still with me and i still dont know where to deposit them :(

    c: you'll be back soon enough! just keep ..i want to say swimming but how irrelevant is that?

    Vader: yarhs i know. not very attractive is it?:p
    must be a lady and swallow first.

    bayibhyap: it's ill-disguised happiness, i know. but mainly, the beautiful guy made my day. as well as the beautiful shoes. ahh so much beauty in a day, how can one take it! :p

    Stupe: no, but i did bite into Monterey chicken. :D

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