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Desktop Confessional

A whole lotta shakin'.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hellos all. I've had a fairly busy week. So far. Just gonna type one out really quick and simple because it's 15 minutes before The Amazing Race and if you know me, you'd know I'd never miss that.

I have rubberbands in between my molars right now, in preparation for the metal that will be coming in soon-ish. It hurts like a biatch now! I was huffy and smug when my orthodontist put them in because I didn't feel much pain. In fact my mouth felt really normal. "Hah!", I thought, "what pain is everyone talking about? I feel no pain! Huargh (*supposed domineering growl)! I am woman, hear me roar! Etc."

But apparently my smugness have turned around and bitten me firmly on my arse because I cannot eat right now. Well, I can eat. I guess the more appropriate term would be that I find it really difficult to chew food. So for two days now I haven't had any solid food. Last night's dinner was bowls of soup and today for lunch I tahpaued a styrofoam box filled with tau foo, cooked in different varieties and oh yes, brinjal (love them mushy purple things). No rice because the thought of chewing makes me sick. But it's all good with me because I'm fanatical about tau foo. Really. Whenever I can, I always have some taufoo on my plate.

Meesh looked at my lunch and said, "Hah! You wait la, you're gonna be skinny by the end of all this."
(Hur hur hur. And exactly what's so wrong with that eh? Eh? Eh? ;) )

Today's Communiction and Culture class was fcking amazing. To usher in topic 3, which was about subcultures and pop cultures, we watched a documentary about the rise of the grunge scene out of Seattle in the 90s. I've never had a class more entertaining. There we were watching Nirvana's first gig and their first performance for Smells Like Teen Spirit, and these grunge rockers remarking how stupid it was that grunge became the IT FASHION because they wore flannel and long johns because it's freaking cold in Seattle, whilst everyone else is wearing it for the fashion. USD$300 for a flannel shirt? Insane!

On the past Saturday, I even went for a Punjabi wedding dinner. Great experience. I've only ever been to Chinese wedding dinners, so I was quite relieved that there was NO karaoke by drunken, old men. There were however, drunken old men. Period. Dancing and shakin' that thang. Haha. Them Punjabis sure know how to have shitloads of fun. There was a Bhangra dance performance (where Meesh and Ash showed off their moves), and later- A DANCEFLOOR. AUGH WHY DON'T WE CHINESE HAVE THAT? My dancing was definitely overshadowed by the amazing gyrations of the other people on the floor. Eventually it was funner to sit back and watch, because my Chinese hips just could not take the vigorous sh-sh-shaking.

They had the dinner at Thean Hou Temple near Seputeh. Talk about muhibbah spirit :D! Hall looked great.

Bhangra performance. You can spot Meesh and Ash... if you know how they look like la.

Check it out la, damn fun. There were 700+ people present, but I don't know how many were on the dancefloor.

Like a scene from a club.

I was spinning free, woah... with a little sweet and simple numbing me. Stumble till you drop, woah.. sinking into sweet uncertainty>> "Sweetness", by Jimmy Eat World.

  1. Blogger Kervin said:

    Happening party, maybe the chinese don't dance because they invite so many relations the whole hall is littered with tables and also they're too busy hitting the liquor!

  1. Blogger narrowband said:

    The Chinese wedding dinner is usually attended by mostly the "older" people. Can't expect them to dance, can we ;)

  1. Blogger c.ho said:

    hmmm... nowadays.. some chinese weddings actually have dance floors.. but not many ppl dance though..

  1. Blogger xman said:

    heya knew there would be a lot of shakin in a Punjabi wedding - did u see Bend it like Beckham? perfect example hehe - btw, dun worry about those teething pains, once the braces come on for a week, u'll be chewing gum in no time ;) *been there, done that, don't wanna do it again!*

  1. Blogger MunKit said:

    you're going to have braces? :P believe me it is going to be very agonising.. :P~ i had that few years ago.. and the only thing that i could eat each time the dentist tightened the metal strings was mashed potato :P all the best.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    haha, perhaps. i would like to see my aunts dance though the next time a relative of mine gets married.

    well they dont have to do the vigorous shaking but a little movement, clapping would be interesting :D haha.

    they do? i need to be invited for those dinners.
    the thought of chewing gum and having them stuck to the metal is scary!

    ohgosh! lol. i;ve been having tofu a lot because i hate having the food stuck to the bands. yuck.

  1. Blogger ed said:


    did you just diss the grunge era? on top of it, Nirvana? i think kurt cobain just turned over in his grave.

    grunge was cool. ripped jeans, flannel shirts and 12 eye doc marts. Fucking yeah.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    did you miss the part where i said it was fcking amazing?
    the grunge rockers in the documentary were dissing capitalism for exploiting their functional fashion of flannel and long johns, and charing a shitload of money for it.

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