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Desktop Confessional

What a Christmas.

Monday, December 27, 2004

The title says it all. What an entirely strange but eventful Christmas weekend I had. Who would've thought that spending it without family could be so .. well, liberating? I have gone from non-driver to designated chauffeur in the past 4 days and it's been interesting. So far, no fatalities on my behalf and the car is in one shape. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Driving in a packed Hartamas on Christmas Eve is no fcking fun. Besides the festivities, shopped a lot (too much *wince*), ate a lot, watched DVDs a lot and was very merry.

My heart goes out for those who were victims of the earthquake, and the tsunami in Penang. I was at McDonald's silently cursing the kids screaming their heads off at the playground, when my friend showed me the sms her mom sent her. I thought it was a joke, because hey it's Malaysia. We do not get natural disasters. I read the sms, waited for some stupid Christmas punchline, thinking it was one of those forwarded sms-es but it didn't come. The text ended with "6 reported dead".

Felt very shaken for a while because who would have EVER thought a tsunami would hit Malaysia? And an earthquake that is reportedly an 8.9 on the Richter scale? It just goes to show the unpredictability of nature, and our own immortality. You just never know. There's bound to be an aftershock, and websites say that the next 72 hours is crucial. Right now, all plans of the New Year Trip is very tentative because situations are so dangerous. And who can really have the heart to celebrate when so many have lost their lives?

Strange times, indeed.

  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    me i am still in shock.
    words has it that the tsunami is gonna happen again.
    let us all pray...

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    as you have aptly said, what a christmas. i am at a loss for words.

  1. Blogger Aaron said:

    yeah, very sad indeed.

    now there are concerns of disease outbreak with so many bodies, when will all these stop...

    what a way to end 2004

  1. Blogger Kervin said:

    It'll be a bleak Christmas for some, condolences. Sometimes we think we're untouchable but mother nature shows that we are not.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    kev: not sure whether the tsunami will strike again, but most possibly there should be an aftershock of the earthquake, hopefully just a small one.

    sigh, defnly one to remember for years to come.

    aaron: yeah i read about that. unsanitary waters causing outbreak of diseases, *shakes head* damn man. its like a very vicious cycle.

    Kervin: i know. a big reminder about the fragility of life.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Enjoyed a lot! » »

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