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Desktop Confessional

Tis the month..

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Suria KLCC, Dec 2003. Lookit, there's even a choir singing at the base of the tree!

It's December! As usual, I'm finding it hard to digest the fact that it's already the last month of the year. 12 months don't feel or even last that long actually, in retrospect. Still, much to do before the year ends- midsem exams to pass (and during Xmas week as well, pooey), wishlists to make, new year resolutions to draw out, braces to put in mouth, New Year Eve plans to confirm ..

And then, roll in 2005. When you look at the new year coming around, it's pretty intimidating in a sense that it's like a clean slate again; you get to restart. I don't know whether to feel excited about the possibilities, or scared of the uncertainties. "By the time I recognize this moment, this moment will be gone"- I guess I'll just have to seize the day, take each day as it comes and welcome a host of other cliched phrases. :D

My house is being haunted by an overzealous entity called the Christmas Spirit. My dad brought home a tree today. Not your average, every season plastic, pine tree. Oh no, Xmas has caught up with the times- my dad brought home a fibre optic Christmas tree.

I didn't even know that we had fibre optic ones! Woah. It's the prettiest thing too- has all these lights that light up by themselves at the ends of the pine "needles", and alternates between blue-ish hues to reddish hues. We haven't decorated it yet, but the lights look good enough to stand on its own. Great! Less effort from us! :D Thing is, I quite miss decorating a tree though.. we haven't had one in 3 years. But this year looks to be the comeback of Xmas into my house- I think my dad even got fairy lights to put up.

Sigh. I really, really, really love Christmas. My heart's all warm and fuzzy already, just thinking about it. I still have these really vivid dreams of being in New York City one day during Christmas season. Perpetuated by images I see on TV no doubt, but it's a dream, nonetheless. I guess we all need something to look forward to as the years go by, and we all get that little bit older, wiser, cynical .. we all need this escape; a goal which isn't completely far-fetched, but achievable with the right amount of resources (ergo, money).

One day, I know, one day. Til then, still dreaming of my white Christmas. :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    hey sarah barah :P ,
    nice christmas tree.cool you got a fibre optic tree.How mnuch did it cost by the way?
    do post a pic of ur christmas tree at home ok??

    hows ur new degree goin on? hope you havin fun with ur diploma frens/maty,meesh,regina. guess you got loads of workto do. Have a fren who is havin a tough time doin a degree in persuasive comunication in aus. claims it tough. Sure you are smart enough to get thru.

    btw,hows ur lovely private part(ur cute vagina)? hows ur parents, hope theey r fine n irving. Your dad has let you the drive car yet or not?
    hope every thing's ok.

    take care

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    my cute vagina???
    that is a very strange question to ask and i have to admit that i'm a bit freaked by it O.O

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    Xmas in New York is beautiful. The lights, decorations, walking around in Macy, Central Park with snow all over. You definately should go. Below is a link to some pictures i took while visiting New York.



  1. Blogger sarah said:

    lee lee:
    those pics are so pretty- i'm getting flights of fancy imagining being there already, *groan*
    i will definitely be in nyc during xmas one day! :D
    when did you go?

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    Make it happen. If there's something you really want, go for it. I went dec last year. Spent 6 days there but that wasnt enough. Actually i was sick as a dog on day 5 from having too much fun!

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    haha. you can be sick from fun? unreal.
    the nyc dream trip has been something i've been wanting for as long as i could remember. right now i can't do much abt it as i epitomise "struggling student:.. but the first few paychecks that i receive once i get into the workforce will be saved into thr NYC FUND. lol. no shopping trips for me :(

  1. Blogger Boon said:

    hey, nice pic of the KLCC Christmas Tree. I have a similar pic which I took last year... from the bottom's up. http://boonspot.blogspot.com/2003_12_01_boonspot_archive.html#107181935891895757
    Blessed Christmas...

  1. Blogger ed said:

    i was actually there at KLCC during dec 2003 too. hah. still remember the humongous purple thing.

    isn't it weird? i could've been walking past you and never knew. funny how people lives intersect in ways they don't really know about.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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