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Desktop Confessional

Thoughts from an old teenager.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Everyone always makes a big deal about how old I am. (I'm 19, if my attention-whore of a profile fails to catch your eye) I can't count the times where I've met people for the first time, and they've enquired on how old I am and are sufficiently surprised when they learn I'm still in my teens. Oh damn yeah, I am still a teenager.

I've not associated myself with being a teen in a really long time. It's not because I'm anxious to grow up or anything, it's just that the excitement of being a teen isn't there anymore. I remember when I was 12, and was so looking forward for Aug 1 1998 to come because that would mean I would be 13, thirteen. Being a __teen was like some sort of a novelty. A product of too many Sweet Valley High books, and shows like Saved by the Bell and such.

Being a teen was associated with so many things that were "cool" for us primary schookids. Things like first kisses, first boyfriends, "high school sweetheart" (never had that), parties, fun, and all those things that seemed so elusive, grown-up and teenager-ish for a 12 year old. I think at that time a lot of us hoped and thought that secondary school will be a lot like what was being described in books and shown in TV. I think we all wanted to go for dances, and blossom from the proverbial ugly ducking into the swan. We hoped we were part of the popular group, we hoped that we'll have admirers, we hoped that we'll get the straight As. Bottomline, we indulged in a lot of wishful thinking/dreaming. Is it just me?

At 12, that was what made me want to be a teenager. I couldn't wait. So now I've been there, but I can't honestly say I've done all the thats, and I'm okay with not having the IDEAL teenage experience. I had my fun, nonetheless.

Now I'm at the end of my teens, not even 21 yet (oh god I really am young aren't I??) and my curiousity is starting to get all piqued again by yet another age I can't wait to be introduced to: the 20s. Joining the workforce, bitching about the bosses, earning my own moolah, panic attacks (:p), having a long-term relationship, buying my own apartment, going on vacations financed by myself ..

Life's basically a collection of experiences, and if that's the case, being young is the ideal.

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    You do look too old to be 19! Just kidding of course. ;P Nothing ever turns out quite the way you imagine though. Wouldnt life be really depressing if everything turn out the way it should? And all the bad things that happened to you happened because you deserved it?

  1. Blogger boontz said:

    Hi! Errm... Just enjoy ur life as a 19 yrs old gal. Entering 20's aren't tat interesting at all. And when u start working...u will wonder back all the nice moments u had during ur teenage years and wish u can turn back time.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    ... i am amazed at the way you think bout adult life... and its basically what's it all about. some ppl said working life sucks.. basically i think ppl are never satisfied with what they are now.. and jus know how to complain or remember the past. y not live everyday life with a purpose and look forward towards getting your salary (while u slot like a bull) and go travelling (this i truly agree with u). As i am now... enjoy every moment of my life. earning money, start travelling around asia...:) what could b better than this..

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Lee Lee,
    haha, how old do i look then? :p i haven't regretted anything i've done in the past.. they work out eventually.

    well here's hoping i make the right decisions in the 20s then ;)

    one day i hope i'd be in your shoes with the oppurtunities to travel around asia and other places. its nice hearing from someone who's enjoying him/herself.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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