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Desktop Confessional

Sirens ring, are you listening?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ho shite. Today is a momentous day, as my mom, who has been terrified to sit beside me when I drive, actually agreed to me taking her to a nearby shopping mall for some late, late Xmas shopping. I was beside myself with glee. Once I show her that I don't crash cars into barriers for fun, I'm pretty sure she'll okay me driving around.

So there we were driving on the main road, barely 5 minutes into the drive, when a police car signals us to pull over. I started having panic attacks. Talk about bad signs, and on the first drive with mumsy. WTF could I have done wrong within the span of 5 minutes?! Briefly entertaining the thought of speeding off, I decided to pull over la. I mean. Seatbelts, check. Not using handphone, check.

We wound down the window, still dumbfcked as to what was wrong. My mom was already thinking it was my fault, and I was afraid this was going to be some attempt just to get some cash off us, what with the festive season just around the corner (3 days!!). They wanted us to get out of the car; we giggled nervously in what we hoped was a good example of womenly wiles, and when the officer asked me "Boleh keluar kereta tak?", I fidgeted and said, "Tak boleh, boleh tak?" Now, I didn't mean to be rude. It's just that 1) BM is very poor so didn't phrase it properly 2) Was so nervous, since I still didn't know what I did wrong.

Turns out I didn't. Sweet relief. I knew that if it was my fault, it would be the last time I drove. Ever. Just that my mom's ancient car's rear number plate had faded, and one of the brake lights kaput-ed again. THANK GOD LA. Said thank you to the officers, and sped to get the problems fixed right away.

Second time doing Xmas shopping this week. Went late night shopping at 1 Utama last night, but since it was late night, didn't get everything needed thus, me getting a heart attack while driving to the mall today. Have not gotten everything for the kids in Singapore yet. Parents and brother are heading there tomorrow.. and what will I be doing?! EXAMS! PRESENTATION! *cries* I have not even finished reading my notes yet. Sigh.

As I picked out the gifts for my cousin, I felt a real pang of sadness. I wasn't going to be around when they open it, and that's depressing because they're so young, and they have this amazing glow on their faces as they tear open the wrapping paper. And I'm going to miss that; I'm missing the Xmas dinner, I'm missing driving around Singapore and stopping at the Esplanade to talk and bond with my parents.

No doubt I have my own plans, and they look to be quite fun .. but tradition's tradition. It's an annual drag sometimes, but when you don't get to be part of it, you feel more isolated than anything.

  1. Blogger Kervin said:

    Wow must be scary, bet your mum was spouting her head off figuring it was your fault, hehe and it turned out to be hers for the shoddy maintenance on the car. Anyway merry Christmas, don't be too down, they'll appreciate the gifts and you'll still have the feeling of giving them those and they'll understand. Been stuck here in Kk for Christmas as well as CNY for projects too. So used to it that hardly bothers anymore, sigh.

  1. Blogger meiteoh said:

    Aiks! Must do more upkeep on the car! In Australia, points would have been deducted...and fine given. Speaking of upkeep, wonder when is dad gonna put the cover for the side lights to my Wira back on?

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    It's always a bummer to celebrate festivals, away from home. But christmas, is christmas, so have fun :)

    Merry Christmas

  1. Blogger xman said:

    hey merry christmas sarah, dont worry once your cousins see the presents theyve long forgotten about u hehe

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    it's true. every time a police car is near us, we check to go through a mental checklist to see if we have or have not done something that could attract their unwelcome attention. and worse than that, if they stop us, then we must have done something wrong indeed.

    must have spoilt the mood for the christmas shopping, even though it was a relief that there was nothing serious :).

    Merry Christmas.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Kervin: oh, you sound down. chins up. hope you had a good xmas at least. :)

    the scarfer: yeah i was wondering if any of my P points got demerited! i hope not.

    BawangMerah: you too, redonion ;)

    xmas: ha ha ha xman, so kelakar la you. :'( heehe.

    bayibhyap: nothing can ruin shopping! lol. merry xmas to you too.

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